Friday, 31 December 2010

X'Mas 2010 Team Lunch @ Patisse, Waterloo

Our Menu 

Apart from our company Christmas party , each department would go out for team lunch as well :)
This year I thought we'll go somewhere different, somewhere casual with good food (and cakes) and most importantly not too far from the office.

Because there were 12 of us coming in , they suggested a reduced menu for us, to make it easier for the kitchen and to avoid long waiting time for the foods to be served.
Bill, the manager, rang me a day before to discuss the menu and we made the executive decision on what will be on LOL

Christmas in Patisse

Chairs & Tables

Bubblies ^_^

It's the festive time of the year so of course a few bottles of bubblies were in order. There is a BYO corkage charge at Patisse which is very reasonable I think for $5.00 / bottle.
All the ladies at the table had the sweeter Riccadonna Asti while the gents had stronger stuffs.
Don't worry, that glass is not mine, borrowed from my friend who was sitting next to me :P
I had a few sips and they were delicious ! Not overly sweet and not too strong either (7.0% alc.), but that doesn't mean I didn't get tipsy by the end *hic*.

When the foods came out, it was a cue for me to go round the table and take shots of everyone's order :P

Smoked Salmon & Caper Linguini  $17.00

Ocean Trout Nicoise $16.00

Warm Kipfler Potato & Chorizo w/ Poached Egg $14.50

Knowing that I was going for some sweets afterwards, I opted for something light and I'm very pleased with my choice.
Love the perfectly cooked kipfler potato, the skin was crisp with creamy buttery flesh, the chorizo added some spice to the dish. The poached egg was done perfectly, look at the oozing yolk...yummm....
The portion was decent as well, may not look much on the plate but I was pretty full by the end of it and very satisfied.
I'd order this again if it's still on the menu next visit :)

Grilled Fish of The Day, Fries, Salad Greens $21.00

The fish of the day was Atlantic Salmon, served with french fries, lightly dressed salad and aioli on the side.

Gourmet Beef Ragout Pie, Salad Greens $13.50

When discussing the menu, Bill mentioned that their beef ragout pie is a popular item at the cafe so of course we have to put them on.
The pies were served with a side of homemade tomato sauce, those that ordered the pies commented that the fillings were tasty and the crust was done perfectly. So thumbs up for the pies !

Pie Filling Shots
Gourmet Chicken, Celery & Leek (L) & Gourmet Beef Ragout Pie (R)

Steak & Frites $23.00

After everyone finishes their meals, it's time to hit the sugar display \^o^/

Patisserie Display
(which one which one....)

Christmas Goodies @ Patisse

How cute is the gingerbread house, comes with macaron shells trimmed roof and a French Snowman - complete with a beret, moustache and a baguette in hand - CUTE !
There were also bags of panforte for sale as well, they looked so chocolatey and nutty good ^_^

Bread & Butter Pudding ; Macaron Tower ;
Macaron Tower Up Close ; Truffles X'Mas Tree

Chocolate Honeycomb taster plate by the register

Skim Capp for moi

Mini Croquembouche ; Pistachio, Rose and Olive Oil Cake ;
Orange & Blueberry Polenta Cake ; Lemon Créme Tart

I had the last mini croquembouche on display (score !!), the filling was tad too eggy for me but the choux pastry was nice and so was the crunchy toffee.
The pistachio, rose and olive oil cake is one of my favourite sweets here at Patisse - it was a moist cake with delicate pistachio & rose flavour.
Syrup drenched orange & blueberry polenta cake was lovely as well, not too sweet and the burst of juicy blueberry was a bonus.
Didn't get to try the lemon créme tart but it does looked pretty good :)

Gingerbread Houses 

So that's it !! The last festive themed post which is also the last post of 2010 \^o^/
It may only been 8 months and 6 days since I start this blog and I'm pretty impressed that I'm still doing it.
I tend to start something and doesn't follow through to the end - maybe I should make this as my new year resolution - keep blogging and eat more ? LOL
I've met so many new people since then and made some good friend with them too ^_^ 
Thank you for reading my posts and leaving comments on them too, it's nice to know that there are people reading my babbling and motivate me to keep writing and eating hehehe :P
I hope I'll get to meet all of you guys over the coming years ^_*

Have a great New Year everyone \^o^/

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  1. Ahh I do like executive decisions! The pistachio, rose and olive oil cake looks divine! Happy New Year!

  2. zomg oozy egg porn shot! happy new year dude here's to another year of fabulous eats!

  3. loving your photos. what camera and lens are you using? i need to put patisse on my wishlist for 2011 i think :-)

  4. Helen : i like to make them too lol ! Happy New Year to you too ^_^

    Suze : don't u just love it when the yolk oozes ? hehehehehe :P Yeah, cheers to another year of foods...LOTS OF FOODS !!

    Simon : hehehe, thanks ^_^ I'm using Nikon D60 with a 35mm lens and yep, add Patisse to your list too ! Happy New Year :D

  5. How cute is the french snowman!! *squeee*

  6. Happy New Year Monica!! i see macarons everywhere!!!

  7. missklicious : oui oui ! tres cute !

    sugarpuffi : happy new year betty !! let's eat lots and lots this 2011 :D