Monday, 27 June 2011

Giveaway Post - "THE TRIP" Movie Double Passes !

I think you all are probably sick and tired of me apologizing for my lack of post .... so in order to redeem myself and as a peace offering about some double passes to see a movie ?

This giveaway wouldn't have happened if a lovely lady by the name of Hariet from NIXCO hadn't emailed me about the upcoming movie by Madman Entertainment, THE TRIP !

So you are probably thinking....why would a movie/TV/entertainment PR company emailed a food blogger ?
For one obvious reason really, the movie is about going to different restaurants to review them, but along the way they found something else :)

image courtesy of NIXCO/Madmen Entertainment

THE TRIP is an intelligent and funny British comedy about the importance of friendships and good food, reuniting comedy favourites Steve Coogan (I'm Alain Partridge) and Rob Brydon (Gavin and Stacey).

When I hear the name of Steve Coogan, the first thing that pops into my head is his role in Night At The Museum as the tiny Octavius (the Roman general) and then followed by his interpretation of Hades (as the rock god !) in Percy Jackson...
..... has dawn on me that kids movie tends to stick in my head - and how old am I already !?!?!? LOL

I hope THE TRIP will be as fun as his other movies :)

A little blurb on the movie (without spoiling the good stuffs) :
When Steve Coogan is commissioned by the food supplement of a Sunday newspaper to review half a dozen restaurants, he decides to mix work with pleasure and plans a trip around the north with his food-loving American girlfriend. 
But when she decides to leave him and return to the States, Steve is faced with a week of meals for one, not quite the trip he had in mind.  Reluctantly, he calls Rob Brydon, the only person he can think of who will be available. Never one to turn down a free lunch, Rob agrees and together they set off for a culinary adventure.
Over the course of several meals at different restaurants in and around the Lake District, Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales, the ultimate odd couple find themselves debating the big questions of live over a series of culinary delights

THE TRIP is directed by Michael Winterbottom and builds on the success of previous collaborations between the much loved UK comedians Brydon and Coogan of A Cock And Bull Story and 24 Hour Party People

THE TRIP hits the Australian cinemas from June 30th and I've got 5 DOUBLE PASSES to giveaway  ( all 5 passes have been given out :D)

To get your hands on these passes are super simple - I'll give them out to the first 5 lucky readers who leave a comment on this post.
Just leave a comment that you'd like the passes and of course if you have a interesting dining out story you'd like to share, write away ! Would love to hear them :)
(Please don't leave your address on the comment box - make sure you do leave your email for me to contact you *_^)

I myself can't wait to get to watch it when its out this week - to have a good laugh and hopefully there are lots of food shots !!!

A special thank you to Hariet from NIXCO for the passes !

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

La Grande Bouffe, Rozelle

Brunch @ La Grande Bouffe

This will be my shortest blogpost ever due to my stupidity -___-;
I was busy taking shots of others food (being a considerate friend I am, not wanting their foods to go cold while I'm taking my food first) and lo and behold....I forgot to take photos of my own plate !!!!
The worse part was that I didn't realize until I put my utensils down and had this funny feeling that something is just not quite right.....*smack head*

Birthday jumbo heart macaron ; Hanging pot by the entrance

A group of us get together for brunch at La Grande Bouffe on the weekend for a late celebration of a friend's birthday.
Because I completely forgotten to make a booking, when I rang them they were already booked out for brunch. Thankfully they said they can probably accomodate us if we just turn up.
We probably waited around 30minutes, which was not too bad considering how packed the place was and there were a lot of others who turned out without a reservation as well.

Bowl of Coffee  $4.50

Freshly Squeezed Juices  $5.00
orange and watermelon

Decors Inside

I can't comment on what my friends had ordered, but they were all pretty satisfied with the foods.
Especially the omelette which was simple but done very well, I was told that it was creamy and fluffy, like how a good omelette should be :)

La Bouffe Big Breakfast  $16.00
eggs, mushrooms, tomato, bacon, Toulouse sausage and potato rosti

Oeufs sur le Plat  $14.50
w/ wilted spinach and truffled mushroom duxelle

Omelette  $14.50
jambon and fromage

Croque Madame with Fried Duck Egg  $13.00
ham, cheese and duck egg on toasted brioche

La Grande Bouffe appears to be one of the popular brunch hangouts on the weekends in Rozelle, so make bookings way in advance if you are dining in big groups, or just turn up and hopefully don't have to wait too long before you get a table :)
The foods does came out from the kitchen quickly, so don't panic if you are starving by the time you get seated.

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