Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cafe Giulia, Chippendale

Inside Cafe Giulia

Finding a cafe that was open during the past christmas and new year break is not easy -___-;
Took a few weeks off last year during the holiday season and the plan was to take my parents and uncle who were visiting for breakfast at Brasserie Bread.
Silly me for not checking in advance, so of course the place was closed for the end of year break :(

After almost an hour driving around, finally remembered Cafe Giulia !
You have no idea how ecstatic I was when I saw them open - I was hungry and sick of driving around aimlessly by this stage.

Outdoor Seating Area

The cafe is located along Abercrombie Street, which is more Ultimo than Chippendale if you ask me. 
It is strategically located near several universities, such as UTS, Notre Dame and Sydney University, not to mention it is also within walking distance from the students only apartment, Unilodge :)

There are may to choose from the menu written on the blackboard, and the prices are very reasonable as the serving size is generous.
Trying to pick from the long list of options from the blackboard can be a daunting task as I believe they do not have a paper menu.
Imagine the people lining behind you while you are trying to make up your mind *yikes*

Since my parents could not be bothered to read the menu, they just left it up to me to order for them (this is a very common thing when I dine out with them ).

Coffee $3.00

A cup of coffee is of course in order, if you are a big coffee drinker you can have them in mugs for $3.50 or in a bowl for just $5.00.
The first time I came to Cafe Giulia, I ordered the coffee in a bowl - it was as big as soup bowl 0_o
No wonder the girl was smiling when she took my order...

Spinach, Feta & Onion Omelette
w/ Rye Sourdough Toast

There are several omelette filling choices on the menu, I chose the spinach, feta & onion for my mom, and the chorizo & parmesan for my dad and uncle. They looked pretty much the same from the outside so I didn't took a separate shot for the chorizo & parmesan :)
The omelette was huge ! It filled up the whole big plate and served with rye sourdough toast and lightly dressed salad.

French Toast w/ Grilled Banana, Crispy Bacon, Mascarpone & Maple Syrup

Isn't that such a beautiful sight ? *sigh*
My favourite brunch food - french toast, banana, bacon and maple syrup - and Cafe Giulia's is still the best one I've ever had in Sydney.
The portion was generous, the french toast was nicely done, pudding like centre and crispy caramelized on the outside. 
The banana was so sweet and the bacon crispy, drenched with lots and lots of maple syrup !! 
Don't forget the mascarpone too :)
It is perhaps not the healthiest breakfast or brunch option out there, but hey, life is too short to worry about such thing right ? (yeah right..... :P)

Polished Plate ^_^

My cousin who frowned upon the idea on mixing sweet and savoury in the one plate was converted by the time she polished off her plate - yippee \^o^/
Now...who else can I convert into The Fellowship of French Toast, Bacon & Maple Syrup - any takers ??

Cafe Giulia is open from Tue - Fri from 6.30am - 4.00pm , Sat & Sun from 8.00am - 3.00pm.
They are closed on Mondays and long weekends.  

Bench by the street

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  1. gee that French Toast w/ Grilled Banana, Crispy Bacon, Mascarpone & Maple Syrup looks like a bit of a heart stopper. life is too short but if you had one of those every day i'm sure it would end up being a lot shorter ;-)

  2. rofl i would totes join your fellowship!

  3. Hi Monica! Yummy food!!! I know exactly what you mean. One thing I don't like about Sydney is that when there's a Holiday shops and cafes don't open. Weird! Anyway, next time I'll go to Cafe Giulia. :)

  4. Wowser, look at that French toast! Heart attack city!

  5. I loooove coffee in a bowl! And i have tried bacon and maple syrup - it wasn't bad but that photo is making me think i should try it again.

  6. simon : that's the reason why I haven't been having it every morning LOL

    suze : welcome to the fellowship ! your bacon ring is on its way to you :D

    marvin : isn't it just frustrating ? here closed, that closed *ughhh*

    joey : at least it got all the food groups : dairy,grains,meat, sugar and sugar LOL

    muppy : should try the one here, and perhaps it will change your mind :)

  7. Hello French toast! I've just worked out that I can get to this place in less than 10 minutes. Pity I just had breakfast!

  8. john : it's not 9am yet, so you can have the french toast for brunch :)

  9. Bacon & bananas & maple syrup, oh my! That looks like an awesome breakfast! I would so be a part of that fellowship :)

  10. happy CNY monica!! have a great year and looking forward to reading more posts! :)

  11. maple syrup with bacon? gulp! not sure about the savoury and sweet combination but it looks awesome though :p

  12. simon : it was awesome with capital A !!! yay, another member gained !!

    mel : happy cny to you too Mel !! Yes, I must get my act together and post more regularly again , so many backlogged posts >__<

    betty : haven't had them before ?? you must try and see what you think :D

  13. I say take good care of yourself and then when you feel like eating serious heart stoppers... go for it! i would devour this any day. bring the noise!!! I am currently fine tuning my "Elvis Presley Pudding" which will be equally so right but so wrong. Love your blog! Cheers!

  14. Skye : thanks for stopping by too ^_^ Hmm...Elvis Presley Pudding sounds...sinful LOL Does it involve peanut butter, banana and bacon ? (pls say yesss....). Can't wait to see it !!!

  15. Oh, dear... The French Toast looks divine! Never mind the frown I usually get from people when I mix my savoury and my sweet together (e.g. French fries with maple syrup dip), I SO want to try this!