Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pyrama, Pyrmont

Pyrama Brekkie Menu

Pyrama has always been my stop on the way home after church mass on Sunday mornings, well...that was when I was very diligent in attending mass *shame*.
Now, I'm just struggling to wake up for the early 8am mass even though the church is only 5 minutes stroll from home *double shame*.

Anywho....putting my sins aside, I'd usually grab an Allpress skim capp to go plus Grumpy Baker's wholemeal toast with Hank's Triple Berry Jam and don't forget the butter !
I was there without fail almost every Sunday that Linda ( the owner/front house, her husband Jim is the chef and her sister in law, Karen, is an amazing barista!), knows exactly what I'll have when I just stepped in and said good morning LOL

Allpress Fair Trade Cappuccinos  $3.70

Now that my cousin is living with me since July last year, whenever we can drag ourselves out of bed, we'd go to church again.
So, here we are one early Sunday morning having brekkie at Pyrama ^_^ Her first time dining here though she has lived in Pyrmont for almost 8 months !!

View into the inside seating areas

Scrambled Certified Organic Free Range Eggs on Buttered (Wholemeal) Toast   $9.00  

My cousin opted for something light, eggs cooked to your liking (scrambled, poached or fried) served on buttered toast (wholemeal, sourdough or turkish).
The scrambled eggs looked creamy and delicious !

Housemade Crispy Potato Hash w/ Fried Eggs, Grilled Bacon & Tomato Jam  $16.00

I chose something more hearty and one that I'd usually order at Pyrama when I feel like a more substantial breakfast / brunch.

Crispy Potato Hash 

Love the potato hash here that goes so well with the sweet caramelized tomato jam. Can never go wrong with bacon and perfectly fried eggs ^_^

Grumpy Baker's Wholemeal Toasts w/ Hanks Triple Berry Jam  $5.00

I just can't resist ordering the wholemeal toasts with berry jam and butter (on my defense, I only had one slice and my cousin had the other - justified ? Perhaps not :P).
They may just be simple toast, butter and jam but these Grumpy Baker's wholemeal toast just hit at the right spot. Thickly sliced, crunchy crust and really soft and spongy centre. A generous lathering of butter and berry jam just sealed the deal for me.

Back in November (yep, another super backdated post), had a lunch meet up with a fellow food blogger, Laura, who I later discovered lives just across ! Talk about small world ey ? ^_^
Had a wonderful lunch sitting under the sun in the outside area, despite the headaches I got afterwards from pro-longed exposure to sunlight (can't stand sunlight, ugh).

Iced Lemon Tea  $4.20

A cool refreshing iced lemon tea was a must have on a hot summer day :)

Gnocchi w/ Burnt Butter & Sage $17.00

The gnocchi was delicious, slightly chewy balls of potato dough simply tossed in classic combination of burnt butter and sage, then topped with sharp parmesan shards and cherry tomatoes.

Pyrama is also open for dinner on Wed - Sat and they have special dinner deals : 1 course for $29, 2 courses $40 or an excellent deal with 3 course for only $52. 

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  1. I saw this place when looking for Graze, but it wasn't open. I guess it attracted me because the name is a homophone of the fab Greek restaurant in Petersham. Nice looking brekkie.

  2. Oooh, you went back. gosh i love it there & sorry about the sunlight. maybe we should hit cafe xxii soon, the sun isn't really there. email me, i'd love to see you.