Wednesday, 1 June 2011

La Grande Bouffe, Rozelle

Brunch @ La Grande Bouffe

This will be my shortest blogpost ever due to my stupidity -___-;
I was busy taking shots of others food (being a considerate friend I am, not wanting their foods to go cold while I'm taking my food first) and lo and behold....I forgot to take photos of my own plate !!!!
The worse part was that I didn't realize until I put my utensils down and had this funny feeling that something is just not quite right.....*smack head*

Birthday jumbo heart macaron ; Hanging pot by the entrance

A group of us get together for brunch at La Grande Bouffe on the weekend for a late celebration of a friend's birthday.
Because I completely forgotten to make a booking, when I rang them they were already booked out for brunch. Thankfully they said they can probably accomodate us if we just turn up.
We probably waited around 30minutes, which was not too bad considering how packed the place was and there were a lot of others who turned out without a reservation as well.

Bowl of Coffee  $4.50

Freshly Squeezed Juices  $5.00
orange and watermelon

Decors Inside

I can't comment on what my friends had ordered, but they were all pretty satisfied with the foods.
Especially the omelette which was simple but done very well, I was told that it was creamy and fluffy, like how a good omelette should be :)

La Bouffe Big Breakfast  $16.00
eggs, mushrooms, tomato, bacon, Toulouse sausage and potato rosti

Oeufs sur le Plat  $14.50
w/ wilted spinach and truffled mushroom duxelle

Omelette  $14.50
jambon and fromage

Croque Madame with Fried Duck Egg  $13.00
ham, cheese and duck egg on toasted brioche

La Grande Bouffe appears to be one of the popular brunch hangouts on the weekends in Rozelle, so make bookings way in advance if you are dining in big groups, or just turn up and hopefully don't have to wait too long before you get a table :)
The foods does came out from the kitchen quickly, so don't panic if you are starving by the time you get seated.

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  1. lol i've done that too- take photos of everyone elses food and forgetting to take my own >_< love how the coffee is in a freaking bowl haha

  2. hoping to try this place one day :-)

  3. saw this place last time I was at essential ingredients and was wondering if it's any good.

  4. I've gotten half way through a meal before and thought *buggar* I forgot to take a photo..whoops! I'd like to give this place a try - it looks lovely.

  5. Croque Madame is one of my favourite sandwiches, haven't tried it with duck egg, guess I'm gonna have to go to La Grande Bouffe to check it out.

  6. suze : everyone just laughed at me lol i always get tempted with coffee in a bowl, though i can't finish it most of the time.....

    simon : you should give it a go, they have dinner set deals too, that's on my list to try :)

    nik : it's pretty good !!

    joey : big brekkie always good ;)

    mel : i've done halfways many times ! at least at that point you can still take shot of it at a certain angle :)

    lateraleating : not sure if it tasted any different to chicken egg, bigger I suppose...

  7. ohh where did u get that jumbo macaron from? is it preordered only? and how muchie?

  8. lol I've almost done that before - photographed everyone else's dishes and not realised I haven't done my own! It's been ages since I've been here - must head back soon!

  9. the Oeufs sur le Plat looks awesome..mmmh mushrooms

  10. I've heard so much about this place and people keep telling me I need to try it as they're sure I'll like the French touches.

    I don't think I've forgotten to photograph my food yet...but I've come close enough and ended up strategically shooting the remaining half of dishes!

  11. That Oeuff sur la plat looks so yummy! I think the name's pretty funny too - everything sounds better in french!

  12. betty : my cousin a.k.a. i eat sweet made it ! :D

    helen : at least it's "almost happened" for you, it sure did happened to me !!

    dolly : it will be the dish to order if i'm brunching there next time :)

    rita : i think they are quite rustic French dishes, simple but so rich in taste ! unfortunately i clean up my plate :( not even a crumb left to strategically shoot ! LOL

    tambourine : totally agree ! everything in French sound better, oui oui !