Tuesday, 13 March 2012


HelloFresh Ingredients
"HelloFresh aims to make cooking a quick, healthy meal at home more accessible than it currently is. By providing recipes and all the fresh ingredients people that don't have time to shop now have an alternative to take-away meals and ready-to-heat meals. The range of interesting recipes are intended to be fun as well as convenient as families get to share the experience of cooking and eating together."

How often are you caught in a situation where you stare at what you have in the fridge and pantry and say to yourselves what meal I can make with these ? 
I must say I'm one that got caught in that situation one too many times, and sometimes its a hit but more than likely it's ...well....on the borderline of inedible.

But fret not Sydneysiders !! HelloFresh is now available to us thanks to Tom Rutledge and Diogo Cruz, who have brought to us this online grocery business where fresh ingredients are delivered straight to your door and best of all, recipes included. 
If Tom's name sounds familiar, he was one of the contestant in the 1st Season of Masterchef Australia ;)

Rather than writing a long explanation here on how it works, check it out at HERE at HelloFresh's website.

So come Monday (which is their delivery day every week, FREE delivery btw) 5.00pm, I was waiting at home excitedly, curious on what I'm going to get.
Tom himself delivered the food, which was a pleasant surprise ! 
After a brief chit chat as he had more delivery runs to do, off to the kitchen I go....

Cannellini Beans ; Fresh Green Beans ; Fresh Coriander ; Barramundi Fillets

Inside a big white paper bag were all the fresh ingredients needed to make the recipe of the day, Herb Barramundi Fillets with Warm Bean Salads.
The portion delivered was for 2 people, which is the minimum you can order, but you end up with a little extra on ingredients like the herbs, onion, garlic.

Simple Step-By-Step Recipe

As we were cooking from scratch, some prep work were definitely in order.
Got into a panic mode when the recipe require the use of food processor - had to rummage the cupboard to find my mini processor. 

Marinade Ingredients In ; Fish Marinading ; Beans Duo Drained ; Onion Sliced

Fish Grilling ; Warm Bean Salad - Ready

The warm bean salad was super duper easy to make and surprisingly I liked it !
Never been a fan of beans, but this was goood.....Sauteed the sliced onion till they are soft , plonk the drained beans in and add some lemon juice. DELICIOUS !

The fish fillets took longer to cook than what the recipe indicated, the cut were quite thick so that would have contributed to the extended time.
Problem was the outside started to char whilst the middle were still raw - the thought of just microwaving to finish off the cooking did cross my mind.
But since I'm already making a mess of the stove, might as well soldier on (put a lid on it and let the steam helps the cooking process).

Herb Barramundi Fillet w/ Warm Bean Salad

Tadaahh !!! The end product and please disregard my lack of plating skill.

The fish was delicious (it better be after such an effort), still soft and silky on the inside although the outside had a little bit too much exposure to the heat :P
Love the lemony bean salad, which just lightens up the whole dish and lightly blanched green beans added the extra crunch factor - recipe got a big tick from me ^_^

The time taken from start of prepping to plating for me was around 40 minutes, which was longer than I had expected (included washing up in between whilst waiting for things to cook).
HelloFresh would be a great option for busy people that doesn't have time to do groceries but don't mind spending time in the kitchen, prepping and cooking as a mean of de-stressing after a long day at work or just simply loves cooking :)

It may be a bit tricky for people that are quite fussy with what they eat, as you don't have the option to choose what you want for the week. So be open to eat ANYTHING ^_^ Explore, be adventurous !!
( I know my brother who doesn't eat seafood will just have to eat beans for dinner if he had today's menu delivered to him LOL )

HelloFresh has a special deal for Love My Foods & Sugar readers - 30% OFF your first order from HelloFresh !
All you have to do is type "foodandsugar" under Voucher Code in the Order Page. 

If you are ready to start healthy eating without breaking the bank ( each meal costed less than $10 per person) and get cracking on your cooking skills, what are you waiting for ?
Check out HelloFresh for more informations.

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  1. What an interesting concept...though we don't have a food processor so I would've been up the creek with that recipe...LOL.

  2. Hi Miss Piggy - the thought of doing the chefy thing and chop herbs with knife and chopping board did cross, then thought better of it (more mess !!)