Sunday, 25 April 2010

Flavours of Indonesia Macarons & A Food Filled Day

What to do on a long weekend Sunday ? Why not make some macarons with the girls ?
"Class" held at I Eat Sweet 's house.

Wanting to experiment on new flavours (been eating too much Zumbo macarons hehehe...), we decided to get inspiration from some traditional Indonesian sweets.
It is kinda scary because we do not know what it will turn out to taste like , there is a 50 : 50 chance it will turn out inedible.

The girls watching the macaron demo

L --> R : Piping the macaron batter  ;  Leave them out to dry until a skin is formed  ; Finished shells 

Took a quick break to have lunch while the macaron shells are drying or in the oven.
I was gonna do a BBQ but had to be canned since the weather is not permitting :)

Ordered in some pizzas from Crust. Heard they were quite nice so I was eager to try them.


The ever classic Margherita and the very yummy Peri - Peri Chicken.

The Upper East-Sider (like in Gossip Girl) of pizza, the Upper Crusts LOL  ^o^

They are rectangular shaped instead of the standard rounds. The Peking Duck is a tad salty, nothing to fancy. The Sausage Duo tastes like a meatlover pizza, except it's dabbed with some fresh mozarella here and there. 
Back to the macarons making, the shells are ready and the filling are ready too.

Presenting...the Indonesian Sweets inspired macarons !! 

Klepon Macaron
(Pandan Buttercream with Shaved Palm Sugar Centre)

Ketan Hitam Macaron
(Coconut Custard Buttercream with Black Sticky Rice)

Dark Chocolate Chili Macaron
( Dark Chocolate Chili Ganache)

Okay...perhaps this is not so Indonesian dessert, but there's chili in it !

Individually tucking them into mini baking cups to take home :)

Then we just hang around and chit chat until...DINNER TIME !!

Finally, got to try Sushi Suma...

We got there about 5 minutes after 6pm, and it was excellent timing. Not long after that, the place is packed and people are actually queueing on the stairs !

We've heard that their dinner set menu is VERY generously portioned, so we picked 3 sets to shared amongst the 6 of us.

The lighting is horrible in there, so please excuse the occasional blurry photos :P

Appetizer - Harusame Salad - tangy and light 

Sushi & Sashimi - really fresh seafood and the rice is perfectly seasoned.

L - R : Tori Yakitori , Agedashi Tofu, Cream Croquettes.

It was nice that they split the agedashi tofu into 6 individual bowls :)
Tonkatsu and Teriyaki Fish

At this point...we were stuffed..couldn't even finish the 2 bowls of rice and 3 bowls of miso soup that comes with the sets.

And yet....there is dessert still @___@ Which they have separated into 6 cups for us again.
Dessert : Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Cornflakes, Azuki and Green Tea Syrup

And the damage done to our wallet ? Less than $18.00 per person !!

A very satisfying dinner to end a fun and food filled day.....


  1. can i get the recipe for the macarons please?? :)

  2. Hi, my cousin made them, so I have to get the recipe off her :)
    Pls email me....