Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cafe Morso, Pyrmont

Cafe Morso 

Cafe Morso is tucked away in the middle of Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont, just a few shops away from Flying Fish restaurant.
It has been here for a few years now and I wonder why it took me so long to come here, considering it is pretty much next door from where I live.
The great thing about Cafe Morso is that they take bookings for breakfast/brunch on the weekends, which is a rarity and causing big headache when you try to find a place for a big group.

Karmee Coffees $3.80
soy latte, skim cappuccino, latte and cappuccino

The coffees here were excellent, a few of us ordered second rounds of caffeine because of that.

"Tea Craft" Earl Grey Tea  $4.00
Outside Dining Areas
Frappes  $6.50
mango and orange ; pineapple, mint and blueberry ; raspberry, strawberry and lime

A few of us opted for something more "healthy", glasses of refreshing frappe to cool us down in the morning summer heat (it was still summer when we went there :P backlog...backlog....).
I had the pineapple, mint and blueberry frappe and it was delicious !

Inside Dining Area

The foods didn't take too long to arrive eventhough we were in a big group and the cafe was packed that morning.
Didn't get to taste all of them, so please just enjoy the pictures ^_^

Roasted Field Mushroom w/ Avocado, Ricotta and Poached Free Range Eggs on Toasted Crusty Bread   $15.50

Soft Scrambled Eggs w/ Gruyere Cheese on Toast w/ Roasted Tomatoes & Spinach  $15.50
plus a side of Chorizo Sausages  $3.50 

Took a bite of my friend's scrambled egg dish that looks more like a soft set omelette. The egg was silky smooth with a punch of cheesy flavour from the Gruyere.

Bacon & Egg Gnocchi w/ Baby Herbs and Truffle Oil  $14.50

The sound of bacon and egg gnocchi is just too good to pass when I saw it on the menu. It has now made it to my list of favourite breakfast or brunch dish.
The logs of gnocchi were basically mashed potato mixed with bacon, shaped into logs and shallow pan fried. crispy on the outside but creamy, fluffy with bacon bits on the inside.

Oozing Poached Egg's Yolk

To top off the already amazing gnocchi was a perfectly poached egg and plenty of crispy bacon bits !!

The Cafe Morso Breakfast  $18.00
plus a side of Baked Beans w/ Onion & Relish  $2.50

A few weeks later, we went back for a return visit, this time just the 4 of us and was lucky to score a table without a booking *phew*.
Someone happen to call in and cancel their reservation as we arrived, hehehehehe...

Iced Chocolate  $5.00

Large vs Regular

Sautéed Wild Mushroom, Truffled Scrambled Eggs & Sonoma Sourdough $16.00

Ham Hock Consommé w/ Spinach Wrapped Pork Parcel & Soft Poached Free Range Egg $16.50

Compared to the other dishes in the breakfast menu, the portion is smaller. It just didn't look substantial enough to satisfy hungry stomach :)
Nonetheless, the consomme was delicious and not to mention what's inside the sphere of spinach :

Pork Parcel

Salmon Gravlax Carpaccio w/ Wilted Spinach, Avocado Salsa & Poached Free Range Eggs  $16.50

Wasn't up for anything heavy that morning, so I opted for something more light, salmon gravlax with spinach, poached eggs and avocado salsa topped with micro herbs. Also ordered a side of toast to help balanced out the richness of the dish.
It was close to lunch time when we finished our meals, and spotted the waiter carrying out someone's lunch order - a stack of rectangular beef fillets that looked delicious - must make a return visit for lunch soon !!

Old rail tracks on Jones Bay Wharf

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  1. The drinks look amazing (all of them, coffees included)!

  2. I live pretty close to this place and run past it regularly but haven't been before. The breakfasts look yummy and pretty decently priced. I'll have to get myself organised and pay them a visit!

  3. lateraleating : especially the bacon & egg gnocchi :)

    victorsfood : thankssss :D

    richard : i was like that too, drive pass that area every day to work but didn't get myself there till this year. Should def try the gnocchi :D