Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pieno, Surry Hills

Pieno Special Menu Board

I've walked pass this little cafe few times now, everytime telling myself that I should pay a visit one day.
When a friend called me out for a late brunch - in her vocabulary "late brunch = I want breakfast at 3.30pm".
It's definitely not easy to find a cafe that is still open that late on a Sunday -___-;
A quick search on the net and off to Pieno we go  !


The cafe is located inside the courtyard where The Winery by Gazebo and Thomas Dux Grocery is on Crown Street, Surry Hills. There are plenty of outdoor and indoor seating areas, we picked a spot on the long bench inside :)

Inside seating - long bench by the wall

Big Breakfast $16.50

Staying true to her plan, my friend ordered a big breakfast @ 4.00pm - which is a big plate of 2 free range eggs (cooked to your liking), sausages, bacon , roasted tomato, potato rosti , tomato chutney and a slice of toast.

Blueberry Griddle Cakes  $14.00

While me, being the normal person, ordered something sweet for my afternoon tea hehehehehe...


The griddle cakes were this stack of not one, not two, but THREE stacks of fluffy blueberry pancakes !!
They were delicious ! Too much for afternoon tea though, for once I cannot finish my plate of sweets O_O

The foods here were delicious and so were the coffee, would have to make a return visit for a proper brekkie or lunch , at proper hours of the day LOL

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  1. Oooh, griddle cakes?! I was just past here yesterday as I went to Thomas Dux <3

  2. tina : and you didn't stop by ?!?!??! >__<

  3. i know a big breakfast is meant to be 'big' but that is HUGE!

  4. betty : pffft...that's nothing

  5. I went there twice. Their sandwiches are pretty good :)

  6. I love it. Best cafe on Crown! Try the big breakfast...Awesome!!!

  7. anonymous : i've been back there again since and ordered the blueberry girdle cakes again :P

  8. Ask for the chutney! It is to die for!!

  9. Love the homemade fruit loaf!