Thursday, 9 September 2010

Darling City, Sydney CBD

Stepping into Darling City it felt like I'm stepping into the Korean gift store Morning Glory.
The walls are decorated with cute pictures with English wordings that are just so random and meaningless LOL
What does "Fountain of Youth" and "I Love You" has to do with foods ?
"I Love You" foods and foods are the "Fountain of Youth", perhaps ?....Who knows.....

Strange wall decor aside, we decided to try out this place because we had cravings for Korean fried chickens. Rather than going to the usual place, Arisun, we thought let's give Darling City a go since we heard that the chickens here is good as well.

Grilled Corn & Cheese

Just had to order this when we saw it on the menu, anything with cheese is a must order :)
The corn kernels were mixed with mayonnaise , sprinkled with cheese then grilled. 
Not too bad actually, although it's a hassle to eat, picking few kernels at a time with chopsticks :P


Haemul Pajeon

As per usual, we also ordered the Korean seafood pancake. 
It was quite good, crispy around the rim and has slightly chewy texture.

Darling City Fried Chicken - Half Half

Repeating to the waitress few times that we wanted "half a chicken , with half original and half spicy"  was proven to be futile.
We got a basket of one whole chicken, cut into pieces, deep fried with half original and half spicy T___T
If there was a group of us that won't be too much of an issue, but there were only 2 of us, and we had just finished the whole big plate of the seafood pancake too. 
It was such a struggle to finish and by the end of the meal we do not want to see any more fried chicken for at least few months >__<
So how does it compare to Arisun's fried chicken ? We still prefer Arisun's that has more intense flavours and more moorish. There wasn't much meat on the chicken either, it was like eating fried chicken skin with loads of sauces that made us so thirsty the rest of the night.

Darling City
369 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
(02) 9267 7979

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