Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mad Spuds Cafe , Surry Hills

"I am Super Spud!"

When I read a review of a cafe that specialized in everything potatoes, I just had to go there.
Especially when there is a crispy cheesy potato skins on the menu !

Potatoes paraphernalia on the shelves

Mad Spuds is located a few doors down from Four Ate Five on Crown Street in Surry Hills where good little cafes are in abundance. I keep discovering new places to try out the next time round :)

Pigeon Coffee

The coffee here is made using the beans from Pigeon Coffee who roast their beans at their premise in Bourke Street also in Surry Hills.
The coffee aroma and flavour is well rounded and smooth. Instead of dusting of cocoa powder on top of the cappuccino they grated some chocolate that melts as soon as it touches the warm foam.

Boxty (Traditional Irish Potato Pancake)
Spiced Apple & Sage, Crispy Bacon, Avocado, Fried Egg, Spiced White Sausage & Seeded Mustard

The menu here seems to be influenced by Irish & Middle Eastern flavours, next to black pudding you have Persian french toasts :) 
My friend had the Boxty which is a traditional irish potato pancakes that comes on plate stacked neatly and I must say it is a very posh presentation of humble potato.

Mad Spuds Plate
Pork Sausage, Black & White Pudding, Crispy Bacon, Cheesy Spud Skins, Boston Beans & Fried Eggs

I was hungry so naturally I ordered the biggest plate on the menu, and boy was it a big plate or what !
The Mad Spuds plate has a little bit of everything from the menu, the spicy tomatoey boston beans , juicy pork sausage and my first ever taste of black & white puddings !

Black pudding of course has a strong iron taste because it is made from blood, hence it is also known as blood sausage. It was heavily spiced with nutmegs so it was actually quite nice, it's like eating liver I suppose. White pudding on the other hand is made with oatmeal and like its black counterpart was also heavily spiced. I'm growing to like this black & white puddings :)
The cheesy spud skins still has a little bit of potato on it so it's not entirely just skin and cheese. The skin was crispy, the layer of potato was fluffy and the cheese...well...melted cheese is always a winner.

There was plenty of carbs on the plate to fill you up to dinner ( or late lunch), and for $15 it was a great value.

Blackboard Special
Spicy Pork Sausage, Grilled Haloumi, Boston Beans, Tomato Salsa & Sour Dough 

Their blackboard specials would usually have a couple of delicious sounding vegetarian options, but that visit my cousin opted for the carnivore option from the specials.
The spicy pork sausage was baked with the boston beans then topped with squeaky grilled haloumi cheese and fresh tomato & basil salsa. It was a very hearty dish indeed.

Semi - retro decor of the cafe

I've only had their breakfast menu on both visits but will make a point to return for lunch when their baked potatoes menus are available. 
Once I was having a late brunch ( close to lunch time late :P) and I saw the table across us ordering the baked potatoes dishes - I can see toppings spilling over the potatoes ! Overflowing toppings = Good Stuff ! 

So if you love your potatoes you must pay a visit to Mad Spuds, I'm sure you'll love it :)

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  1. Potatoes!!! That Mad Spud Plate is unbelievable, especially for the price! I think I'm definitely heading over here for lunch one day :D

  2. My eye were catched by this place every time I walked passby .. It looks good, cant decide which dish should I try? haha

  3. cella : you mean the baked ones ? we shud go together eheheh..

    Minh : isn't it such great value ? looking fwd to see your post on it ^_^

    Ja : you should do like me, order the biggest one lol

  4. A cafe dedicated to potatoes, sounds like I should try this out!

  5. missklicious : should try it out, it's potato lovers heaven :)

  6. you find the most awesome places! love that shelf of potato figurines!

  7. suze : aren't they cute ? so many potatoes :) the result of finding these places - diet fail big time LOL

  8. We ate at this fabulous cafe a couple fo times. The food is amazing.The spuds are delicious.5 stars from me.

  9. Fantastic food, went there a while back and it's amazing for such a low price! I would be willing to pay much more for it

  10. clarajacqueline : best spuds in Sydney so far, totally agree with you :)

    anonymous : very true, it is cheap for the quality and quantity you get.

  11. Probably Best Cafe in Sydney. Great food, generous portions and fantastic staff.