Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pasta & Meatball For A Rainy Spring Day

Is this really Spring ?!?!?

What a miserable day for a supposedly spring time in Sydney :(
We just couldn't be bothered to go out in such wet weather so it's time for my all time favourite option for staying in and cook, it's time for....KITCHEN RAID !!!!

Foods Gathered

These are the foods that I always have as safety stocks at home :)
The good ol' IKEA meatballs, frozen vegetables (baby french beans this time), canned tomatoes, dried pasta and herbs of some sort. I got that bag of Herbes de Provence from Victor Churchill in Woollahra, it is quite obvious why I bought it :P
I actually prefer the blend from Herbie's Herb in Rozelle as they had pretty purple lavender flavours in the mix. If this bag had some lavender in it, I couldn't tell as all I can see is green and grey.

Pasta & Meatball
(Serves 6)

Ingredients :
Garlic                               3 cloves
Onion                               2 large ones
Frozen IKEA Meatballs   1 pack (1.0kg?)
Canned Tomatoes            2 cans ( 400g cans ?)
Frozen Baby French Beans
Dried Pasta ( I found Spirals in the pantry, any type will do)
Herbes de Provence (or any other herbs you can find)
S & P to taste
Olive Oil

How to (can't get any simpler than these) :
1. Dice the onion together with the garlic.
2. In a pot or a wok, heat the oil and sweat the onion & garlic until slightly caramelized.
3. Pour in the canned tomatoes then add in the meatballs. Feel free to add water if the sauce is too thick to your liking.
4. Sprinkle in the herbs, as strong as you like - I added quite a lot to mine :) 
5. Continue cooking until the meatball is cooked through then add in the frozen beans, the beans won't take too long at all to cook.
6. Season with salt & pepper to taste before serving.
7. Cook the pasta as per instruction on the pack.

Bon Apetit !

Comfort Food for Cold Wet Days 

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