Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Flying Fajita Sistas, Glebe

One of my work colleague that is based in our Melbourne office loved eating as much as I do, so when she had to come up to Sydney for a customer visit, she managed to come one night earlier so we can pig out hehehehe :P
A month before she come, I sent her a list of restaurants with their menus for her to choose from. After few changes of mind, we finally settled upon Flying Fajita Sistas - target LOCKED !!


There wasn't much non-alcoholic drink on offer, so she ordered Horchata, a traditional Mexican drink freshly made in house with ground almond, coconut and rice with cinnamon. I took a sip of the creamy looking drink which was surprisingly quite light despite it's creamy appearance. It tasted like milk and was quite bland, I'm not too keen on it as it had a strong coconut taste.

Nachos with Achiote Pulled Pork

The nachos here is the best that I've had so far, the corn chips are topped with your choice of toppings, and for me it will always be the Achiote pulled pork *yummm*, tender marinated pulled pork....
Of course there are other options that you can choose from such as chicken, beef or vegetarian.
Topped with a secret sauce, grilled with cheese and served with a side of crema, charred tomato & ancho chile salsa and guacamole.
Definitely not for the health conscious but it is totally worth the extra calories. Although the nachos is listed as an appetiser, the serving size is generous and can be shared between 2 - 3 people or have it as main.


One of the popular dish at FFS, the flour tortilla is filled with your choice of filling (like the nachos) it is then flash fried till crispy. Naturally, the filling of choice is the Achiote pulled pork again ^_^
The chimichanga is served with mexican rice, cherry tomato salsa, crema, guacamole, cheese, olives and salad.
It's a pillow packed with pulled pork and deep fried, need I say more ?

Enchiladas Verde

I didn't feel like deep fried food that night, so I opted for the enchiladas. There are 2 choices of enchiladas on the menu, the Rojo (red chilli salsa) or the Verde (green tomatillo salsa). 
The two yellow corn tortillas is filled with...what else but the pulled pork, then topped with the tomatillo salsa before grilling it with cheese. They were served with sides of Mexican rice, black beans and salad. 
Like the nacho appetiser, the main comes in a generous size as well, I had to raise the white flag 2/3 way through the plate.
We were practically rolling out the door by the end of the night, satisfied that we had more than sufficient intake of pulled pork and grilled cheese LOL

Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at Flying Fajita Sistas where you can go crazy with $3.00 tequila shots and tacos with your choice of filling starting from $3.00.

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