Monday, 1 November 2010

Aldente Ristorante, Århus C, Denmark

How to get to the restaurant

Eventually...I'll get to post all my back logged posts on my trip to Denmark in September  ^_^

We were given a map (in Danish) to direct us to the restaurant where we are having dinner tonight. 
Looked simple right, just a straight line ? But no....there were little alleys that were not shown on the map, me and Laura, who's from Kansas, kept looking at the map all the way to the restaurant.
Despite doing so, we still walked pass the restaurant LOL

Wine Menu ; Dried Pasta Napkin Ring

Aldente Ristorante is one of the many Italian restaurants on the street, little Italy in the middle of Århus City :)
The restaurant's ambience was warm and cosy, wooden furnitures and lit up candles everywhere.

Olive & Balsamic ; Diners ; Wine Shelves ; Water Pitcher

Olive Oil & Balsamic Dip ; Bread & Olives ;
Red Wine ; Menu

It was quite a challenge when it comes to reading the menu, there were no English menu so there was a lot of translation going around - our Danish colleague translating into English while the rest of us tried to put our Italian to the test LOL

Most of us just go for the easy way out and ordered the Autumn Set menu while me and 2 other colleagues go for the a la carte.

The autumn set menu comprises of 3 courses :

Cannelloni con ricotta e spinaci
Cannelloni w/ ricotta and spinach

Fresh cannelloni with creamy ricotta and spinach filling, topped with béchamel and tomato sauce.

Saltimbocca alla Romana

I'm glad I didn't go for the set menu, I can't believe they only serve 2 little slices of veal for main !
Sure they serve potatoes on the side, but I would expect more than 2 slices of meat on the plate. 

Cassata Siciliana 

The set menu was priced at 275 DKK for 3 courses, which worked out to be around AUD $52. 
It worked out more or less the same when we picked 3 courses from the a la carte menu and the portions I found more substantial.
Here is what we ordered off the a la carte :

Insalata Caprese

First time ever I've seen this classic salad presented this way :)
One whole tomato was sliced into sections and then slices of mozzarella cheese were wedged into the slits, sprinkled with dried and fresh basil.

Carpaccio di tonno con julinne di verdure
Tuna carpaccio with julienned vegetable

I was expecting fresh tuna carpaccio, but instead it was more of a cured and lightly smoked tuna. 
It had a funny texture, slightly rubbery and fatty, despite it tasting unusual, it still tasted good :)

Pesce del giorno
Fish of the day

See what I meant by the a la carte portion is more substantial ? LOL
The shock horror on my colleague's face was priceless ! Looked like there were 3 different type of fish on the plate and not to mention the abundance of sides to go with it.

Entrecote al pepe verde
Veal Tenderloin with Green Pepper Sauce

My order of veal tenderloin with Madagascan green pepper was delicious. The meat was tender and the creamy pepper sauce was not too overpowering.

Torta di melle con gelato
Apple Cake with Gelato

Hmm...not quite the torta di melle I'm used to, it was more like a bread and butter pudding, but with apple.

Torta de la nonna
Grandma's Cake

Now this is more like a torta ! 
The filling was made of mascarpone, honey, lemon and topped with lightly toasted pine nuts.
It was probably the highlight of the meal, the cake was rich in flavours but not too sickeningly sweet.

Night time

There were definitely hits and misses on our meal that night, some of the dishes I felt were straying away from the traditional recipe.
The price however was very reasonable, choosing from the a la carte menu will only set you back 235 DKK (AUD$44) for 2 course, 3 courses for 295DKK (AUD$55) and 4 courses for 345 DKK (AUD $65).
The service was friendly, warm ambience and the company of fun colleagues definitely had made it an enjoyable dinner :)

Aldente Ristorante
Vestergade 48
8000 Århus C
8618 0700