Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lindt Chocolate Appreciation Evening @ Lindt Cafe Martin Place, Sydney CBD

Lindt Cafe @ Martin Place

Last month we held a training course at our office for some of our customers, and as the evening outing for the participants, we went to a Lindt Chocolate Appreciation Evening session.
The appreciation class is held at Lindt Cafe in Martin Place - a little trivia : this cafe at Martin Place is the first Lindt Cafe in the world (go Sydney !!) and it was opened back in 2005 if I'm not mistaken.
Now there are 3 others in NSW and 2  in VIC.
Since I had to do a presentation at the training, I get to come along as well, yipeee !!!  \^o^/

Demo Table

Lindt Hot Chocolate

When everyone has settled down on their seat trays of Lindt Hot Chocolate were served. Smooth, creamy hot chocolate..mmmm....
I found it a tad too sweet for me but I still drink it anyway :)

The 5 Senses & History of Chocolate

Our host that night was Thomas Schnetzler, the Master Chocolatier for Australia and boy does he know his chocolate or what !
Throughout the evening he shared with us the history of chocolate and how to appreciate it. At the end of the class I had a chance to get some macaron making tips from him :P And better still, scored a macaron recipe ! Just have to find a time to try out the recipe now :)
He was really passionate on his job and didn't mind sharing tips at all, thanks Thomas :D

Chocolate Tasting Plates

As Thomas was explaining how to appreciate chocolate by using your 5 senses, we were each handed a plate of different chocolates. 
Since it has been a while since the class, all I can remember was there were a mix of different chocolate blocks, a Lindor ball and a mousse filled white chocolate. 
Though they may look the same but each has its own distinct flavour. The best way to eat chocolate is not by munching it (which we tend to do most of the time) , but is to let it melt in your mouth and savour the flavour.

Lindt Truffles Tasting Plate

Next up was a tasting plate of different Lindt Truffles - I couldn't eat any more chocolates after the first tasting plate, thankfully the Lindt people are prepared and we got a bag to take home what we can't eat.

Master Chocolatier - Thomas Schnetzler 

After the chocolate lessons and tasting session, it's time to do some hands on demonstration - making chocolate dipped strawberries and easy truffle making and decorations.
He asked for someone to come up and be his "assistant" and guess who got pushed up by the others...
( I hate being put on the spot in front of people, but at the same time I do want to make the truffles - LOL)

Drizzling melted chocolate onto truffles

Making chocolate & coconut dipped strawberries

I'm in heaven....

After the demo, Thomas asked me to grab the (above) platter from the table, then he popped a few dipped strawberries onto the plate and said "The plate is all yours...".
My grin was probably as wide as a 30cm ruler hahahahahahhaha !!!
Better still, I got to keep the Lindt apron as well :D

Strawberries & Lindt Delice

Patisserie Tasting Plate

While I'm still staring at my plate of goodies, the others got a tasting plate of their cakes & delices ( they call macaron Delice here at Lindt). There was Opera, St.Moritz and mixed flavours delices.

Pot of Melted Goodness

Professional vs Amateur

To your left is Thomas' work on putting gold leaf on the truffle, to your right is my attempt.
The aim was to pick a bit of the gold leaf, but I end up pulling off the whole sheet of gold  0___o
You should see the horror on my face as I stared at Thomas (he is going to killl meeee >___<;).
So there you have it, a very lavish heart shaped truffle courtesy of my clumsiness :P

Gold heart just for you

Lindt Chocolate Blocks ; Lindt Delices ; Lindor Balls ; Box of Lindt Truffles

For the evening, you can purchase anything in the store and get 10% off ! 
Naturally I went a bit berserk :P Got 3 blocks of chocolates and a tray full of Lindor balls. The great thing is that in Lindt stores, you can find all the flavours of Lindor balls that Lindt made, I've got heaps of the peanut butter and peppermint ones :D Loveee peanut butter and chocolate !!
Also got a few Delices, salted caramel and olivo (olive oil ! soo good), after Ladurée liquorice macaron I like Lindt delices best (especially their 70% Excellence).

They were handing out cups of Lindt ice creams as we were doing our shopping, but I was so distracted that I missed out *doh!*.
Last but not least, we were handed a gift bag on the way out : a box of Lindt truffles and a few Lindor balls.

It was definitely a fun night out at Lindt cafe, learn about chocolates and eat lots of chocolates for weeks to come :)

Lindt Ambassador - Roger Federer
Chocolate Tennis Racket & Ball made by Thomas Schnetzler 

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  1. WOW!!

    You lucky thing.

    SSG xxx

    PS - my favourite Lindt chocolate is the peanut butter Lindor balls, and the dark chocolate at Coles and the Lindor bars.... I love Lindt.

  2. Wow - this looks like so much fun, espeically as I really appreicate chocolate already. I had no Lindt made Peanut Butter's my favourite.

  3. c, that is roger federer!!! his fans would be angry lol

    wow i never knew they had peanut butter lindt chocolate!

  4. SSG : the peanut butter Lindor are sooo addictive isn't it ? Have to control how much I ate in one go :P

    Melba Toast : it was lots of fun, should go to one and get to eat lots of chocolates !

    Cella : *shame* fixed it , that's why i write food blog instead of sports blog LOL

  5. eeee so lucky! looks like an awesome evening!

  6. oh you changed that to roger federer, I was wondering why it was something else before lol. btw I am his huge fan so it's good that you changed that before I snapped at you, just kidding ;)

    peanut butter lindor is my absolute favourite! I always get a box when I drop by at Lindt cafe. I think they are sold in normal retail boxes at Target :P

  7. suze : i know !! lol, so embarassed to be up front but happy hahahaha

    fluffy : ROFL ! lucky my cousin picked up the error first, otherwise I'm gonna get abusive comment from you hahahahaha.
    Are they available in Target ? cool !!

  8. Now i'm tempted to try this Lindt Appreciation Evening! YUM!!
    Oh, can you please also share the Macaroon recipe with us? ^^

    btw, have you tried a restaurant called Bistro Baroque at The Rocks?

  9. gahh so. much. chocolate. can't breathe. or. stand. any. longer...hah lucky they gave you little bags to take-away with otherwise you'd need to be rolled out the door after all those sweets lol Peanut butter lindor balls are one of my favourites too!


  10. anonymous : you should try it out :) Yeah, been to Baroque before, they have nice desserts :)

    emma : lol that's pretty much how I felt ! took 2 boxes of leftover home and force fed the ppl at home :P Seems like the peanut butter Lindor has a lot fans :D

  11. i saw this on fb already but MAN! reading about it makes me even more jealous. u freakin lucky thing!

  12. Hi, Love your story so much. I Love Lindt Delices so much too. Can you please share the recipe that you got with me?please it would make my life as Lindt Delices are 8hrs away from me:(

  13. Hi Jess :) u didn't leave your email address, email me :D

  14. Hi Monica, do you know if the Lindt cafe in Sydney still do these? Also like Jess, would you mind to share the recipe for the macarons? Please? My email is Thank you! Cindy