Thursday, 25 November 2010

My Fantasy Kitchen ~ Magnum Temptation

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If you were asked this question, “What would be your most indulgent fantasy ?
People may wish for a dream holiday in the Maldives, trip around the world with all expense paid for, a dream home , never ending supply of chocolates for the rest of your life…mmm….

I’m probably a bit odd…I want a kitchen !

My kitchen now is probably not the most well designed and functional kitchen. The cupboards are high up I need a step to reach the top, the benches are too tall that my pant’s belt loop always got snagged by the handles, and so on and so on….
(Doesn’t sound like a safe kitchen to be working in isn’t it? LOL)

My ultimate kitchen would have these in it :

1. Island Kitchen

Why settle for one island when you can have TWO!! You can spread out and make a lot of mess: D
Having 2 sets of oven would be lovely too. Imagine how much faster would baking be? No more baking one cake tin at a time, a tray of cookies each time and the waiting time that seems like eternity as you stare at the oven and ask whatever is in the oven, “Are you done yet?”

Photo Source : photography by Emily Minton-Redfied. Kitchen by Debra Toney (

2. Accessible Storage

A tidy, organized and storage with easy access like in IKEA catalogue would be excellent. Say goodbye to pulling out every single thing in the cupboard to find that pot or to find that pack of ingredients from the back of the pantry.
Honestly, the way my pantry is now, I end up chucking out half of what’s in there because I forgot I had bought them :P 

Photo Source :  IKEA

3. Cath Kidston Kitchen / Tablewares 

They may be a bit too floral and girly, but I just adore Cath Kidston's dinner wares and knick-knacks. Her signature floral prints and pastel colour palettes are just so cute and adorable don’t you think?

4. Red Everywhere (would be nice)

I have a thing for red kitchen wares – the plan would be to have red pans and pots.
I’ve made a good start with a couple of red things in my kitchen now, my handy red Kitchen Aid mixer and the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattisima; I’ll be a zombie every morning without you.

Current red stuffs in my kitchen :)

I suppose I should start saving big time or start buying Lotto tickets more often now...

But for one of you, your indulgent fantasy may not be as far fetched as it may seem.
The lovely people from Magnum are giving away $1000 for one lucky reader!!

How to enter the competition :
1. Play the Magnum dice game and try to obtain the highest score possible.
2. Leave your highest score and answer the question, ”What will you indulge in with $1000?” in a comment.
(Please remember to put down your name and your preferred method of contacts so we can contact you if you win ).
3. Competition period is running from November 24 until midday on Tuesday December 14, 2010.4. The winner will be the entry deemed most creative across all 23 blogs taking part in this campaign (See Terms and Conditions for full list)
5. The winner of the $1,000 prize will be announced on Friday December 17, 2010.

Terms and Conditions can be found at: .

So start rolling the dice and all the best of luck !!  \^o^/


  1. 428,000
    i would go on an online shopping spree without caring about the shipping fee (^-^"")
    (u know how to contact me! but email preferably)

  2. cc oni said it's the nuffnang people who're deciding? here's the email in case they need it

  3. blah! no matter how much i play icant get past 100k. i give up :(

  4. Kathy katty_murt@hotmail.com13 December 2010 at 2:30 pm

    I scored 2,870,420 but still couldn't beat the leaders :(

    I would Indulge in some 'me' shopping which rarely ever happens when you are a single mum with 5 children. Maybe I could get my hair done for the first time in years, or buy myself some nice clothes. Maybe I won't look as daggy when I drop the kids at school and they don't want anyone to see me with them. I could also get the kids something nice for Christmas so I get the joy of seeing smiles on Christmas morning and they can enjoy telling their friends what they got from Santa instead of feeling ashamed.

  5. Hi cella & kathy : I've submitted your comments into the competition, best of luck :)