Monday, 8 November 2010

Grill'd Burger, Darling Harbour

Healthy Burgers - Healthy Mind

Grill'd's Darling Harbour branch has been open for a while now, shame on me for taking so long to get here considering I'm only walking distance to it :P
The concept is to serve healthier burger, made with fresh and high quality ingredients and made to order. 
You might expect your meal to take forever to come out if they were cooked as they were ordered, but when we dined there our orders arrived in less than 10minutes !

You get to choose from 2 type of buns for your burger, panini or a traditional sesame bun (not white, but  made with wholemeal which is healthier). 
For those of you who has gluten intolerance or just want to be extra healthy, there are gluten free buns ( at extra cost of $1.50) and you can also opt for your burger to be served bun-less :)

Asahi Beer Special

There was an Asahi Beer Special during certain hours of the day and I cannot remember what it was *sorry*
It was a pretty good deal I friend who had it couldn't remember what it was either, it has been a while ehehhehe :P

Grill'd Bird & Brie

Usually I would avoid having chicken burgers as almost every time the chicken is tough and dry, not a big fan of chicken breast anyway (give me fatty chicken thighs !!).
This time I just couldn't resist the brie, so taking a big risk I ordered Grill'd Bird & Brie on a Wholemeal Traditional Bun.
The grilled chicken breast was very juicy and not dry at all, it has been grilled perfectly. The brie cheese was slightly melted from the heat of the chicken, there were cranberry sauce, salad and herbed mayo in the burger as well.
Honestly, I was a bit worried as well because my friend who had Grill'd burger before said it was not as nice as it was hyped to be.
I can now say that I've tried it and I LOVED IT !!!!  (Thinking of braving the rain to walk over to Darling Harbour as I write...hmmmm...should I... ?).

Simply Grill'd

My friend ordered the basic burger combination of grilled 100% lean beef , salad, relish, herbed mayo and cheese.
The beef patty looked very juicy, considering it was made of lean beef.

Herb Hot Chips

Grill'd hot chips were thick cut chips and tossed with herb mixture, the aroma of rosemary was quite prominent. 
The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, just the way it used to be :)
They are great on their own but if you need something to dip your chips in, you can get one of their dip sauces. I think we had the herbed mayo and it was yumm !

For a take out place, the service was great, the girls who took our order was helpful and they asked us how was our meal when the plates were cleared. 
The price was reasonable as well, with burgers ranging from $8.90 - $12.90, pretty good I think for the quality and taste :)

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  1. Mmm, I'm craving burgers as I read this post. I love the chips & herbed mayo!

  2. omg look at that fat chunk of brie! and the chips looks so crispy and crunch <3 mmm...

  3. missklicious : chips and mayo are guuuuudddd....

    sugarpuffi : doesn't it looks so yummmm..melted cheese...mmmm

  4. These are the tastiest burgers I've ever had, I get at least 4 a week.