Saturday, 13 November 2010

Miso Japanese Teishoku, Sydney CBD


Located in one of the alley in World Square, Miso is one of the restaurants run by the Masuya group.
The theme (if you can call it that) of this Japanese eatery is teishoku - a Japanese set meal that comprises of main, rice, miso soup and side dishes. The idea of teishoku is to serve a reasonably priced yet healthy and well balanced meal. 

The menu has undergo a major revamp since it first open back in 2008, I personally liked the new menu better. 
Miso's menu is more focused now with only 4 types of teishoku : pork , chicken, combo and the popular bento box for those that wanted a bit of everything.

Tornado Katsu Set $16.50

Finding a good tonkatsu (breaded, deep fried pork cutlet) outside Japan can be a challenge - the bread crumbs needs to be crispy and not soggy while the pork should still be juicy and tender.
I found Miso's tonkatsu is the best one you can get here in Sydney, so far it has never failed me :)

We were told by the waitress that the tornado katsu set will take about 20minutes to prepare - no problemo.
The side dishes do vary frequently, that night we had cold potato salad, cold soumen (thin, white japanese wheat noodle) salad and no tonkatsu meal would be complete without the finely shredded cabbage salad. 

Tornado Katsu

The tornado katsu consist of fresh asparagus rolled in bacon and minced pork, rolled in breadcrumbs  and then deep fried.
There may be only 6 slices but they were reasonably thick. Took a round off my cousin's plate and it was good ! I suppose can't go wrong with a combination of asparagus and bacon :)

Chirashi Sushi & Tonkatsu Set $19.80

As always, the indecisive (and super hungry) me opted for the one of the combo teishoku. 
With the combos you get a bowl of chirashi sushi, tonkatsu, miso soup, side dishes and dessert. 
A pretty good deal !

Aburi Salmon Chirashi  ; Tonkatsu

The mini chirashi bowl was topped with thick slices of aburi salmon ( 4 - 5 pieces), ikura and drizzled with a sweet soy sauce. So simple but oh so good ! 
The tonkatsu as always was perfect, crunchy but not oily crumbs and the pork was juicy.


Dessert was thick sweetened yoghurt with strawberry jam which I found was an overkill for the set.
It was too heavy and rich to end the already filling meal, perhaps something more fresh like fresh fruits or something icy like granita would have been better to end the meal.

Miso also offers a range of well balanced teishoku bento for takeaways for those on the run.
They have special lunch time takeaway bento for under $10.00 - pretty good deal !

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  1. The yogurt is an interesting idea for dessert, wouldn't have expected that.