Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mother's Crepe, Sydney CBD

Finally ! A japanese crepe place in Sydney and best of all it's in the city - woohooo !!!
It has been opened since late last year, but have been avoiding the first month of opening as they did have an opening special. 
Where there is specials, there is always a long line and big crowd, they kinda go hand in hand LOL

Mother's Crepe is a franchise that started in Japan back in 1998, and since then they have franchises throughout the country.
Australia is the newest of their overseas locations, others include stores in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Canada.

Hershey's Chocolate Flavoured Syrup

Unlike French crepes where the filling is folded inside the thin crepe, Japanese crepes are usually served shaped like a cone, with the fillings poking out.
Mother's Crepe (or Mazazu Crepe if pronounced Japanese way) have both savouries and sweets filling, naturally I always go for the sweet ones :P

Crepe in the making

While we were waiting for our orders to be made, there was this dude that was just being in a pain in you know where. His order of crepe has a small tear on the crepe skin, it's not like it's a major tear that the filling leaks out or anything like that, i'd say not more than 0.5cm tear - little. 
He insisted on getting another one made up -__-; 
Meanwhile, the line of people waiting for their crepes to be made is getting longer....

Choco Banana Crepe 

When you place your order, you can choose either soft serve or ice cream in your sweet crepes, we both chose soft serve this time round.
My cousin settled for a classic combination of banana and chocolate, sweet crepe filled with freshly sliced banana, vanilla soft serve, whipped cream and a drizzle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup.

Caramel Strawberry Cheesecake 

What I love about these Japanese crepes are that they have cake filled crepes on their menu ^_^
Cheesecake, brownies, lamington and I've had one with mille-feuille in Tokyo.

My Caramel Strawberry Cheesecake was filled (of course) with cottony soft Japanese cheesecake, freshly sliced strawberries, vanilla soft serve, whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Savoury vs Sweet Crepes 

The crepes here are really good, they tasted just like the real stuffs :)
It's also good that they put a plastic sleeve over the paper cone so you won't have to worry about wearing it on your top in case the paper cone tore ^_*.
Reminds me of my last trip to Japan almost 2 years ago, it was raining and they put a "rain coat" on my shopping bag LOL. Very considerate though perhaps not very earth friendly.

I think I'm gonna try the brownie filled crepe next time...or should I go for the custard one...or the shiratama (rice dumplings) ...hmmm....

Mother's Crepe (Mazazu Crepe)
Shop 9, K58
World Square Shopping Centre
680 George Street

Opening Hours : Sun - Wed (11am - 9pm) , Thur - Sat (11am - 10pm)


  1. i had their hokkaido milk ice cream and it was sooo milky ;9! the serving was quite big too and in a real waffle cone... and sprinkled with corn flakes on top XD!

  2. I always wanted to go there whenever I was out in the city but I somehow ended up being too full from lunch/dinner to eat the crepes :/

  3. mmm i always walk past this place on my lunch break but there's always a massively long queue but damn that cheesecake crepe looks delish!

  4. cella : hokkaido ice cream ?? gyaaa >___<

    fluffy : i'm sure you can manage to squeeze one little crepe in *wink*

    suze : maybe take an early lunch one day and avoid the crowd - cheesecake crepe is guuudd....

  5. This place is always busy when I pass it, so I've never even got a chance to try it, but it does look quite yummy.

  6. joey : i think i went right at dinner time, so there was hardly anyone there hehehehhe

  7. I tried it when it first opened a few months ago and wasn't sure if Sydney would take to it.

    By the sounds of your post, we have!

  8. thang : i hope Sydney-siders will take to it and this is not just a "brand new place - must try" kind of thing, bcoz i want them to stay ! lol

  9. Hi Monica! I walk past that shop almost every day! That's the one in front of Gloria Jeans. There's always a long queue and the whole place smells like eggs. But looks very yummy! I have to try it next time.

  10. These crepes remind me so much of walking down Takeshita St in Harajuku. There's something so cool about eating cheesecake wrapped in a crepe. With cream and ice cream. lol

  11. marvin : hi marv :) how can most of you walk pass this place everyday and not get one ahahhaha ! If I have that luxury, I would get one every day lol

    helen : they are the best thing ever, cakes in crepes and yeah, topped with "light" cream and ice cream , oh and don't forget the various syrups....yummm....

  12. hello monica
    I invite to come in Fnrace to taste French crepes !!cheers de Paris

  13. OMG - how do you eat that?? Is it messy?

    Lurve Jap cheesecake - so light!

  14. tina : that's when the little spoon they provide comes in handy :D not messy at all, shaping it into a cone made it easier to eat and very portable - not a drip on me (then again, i eat super fast , no time to drip LOL)

  15. I went to a cafe called Girdlers Grind in Dee Why beach and had the best crepe ever. They looked great and taste awesome. There were very thin and crispy on the edge, made by a french chef. Better than mother crepe wich I tried before. At Dee Why there are cheap as well. If you love crepe better check it out, I went on saturday afternoon is was packed. I am sure we'll ear about this french chef soon.

  16. anonymous : thanks for the tips, shall try that place when I'm at Dee Why :)