Thursday, 10 February 2011

Restaurant Assiette - Friday Lunch , Sydney CBD

January 7th 2011 Three Course Lunch Menu

Finally ! After all these years I got to check out Assiette's Friday Lunch Menu \^o^/
I must say, I did plan my end of year break so that it covers one Friday that is not public holiday :P
There are a few restaurants now that do specially priced Friday Lunch Menu, so far I think the one here is the cheapest amongst them all  - just $35 for a 3 course meal.
Of course you only get to choose from a reduced menu that changes on a weekly basis, there is something for everyone.

Warm Sourdough Roll

To start with, the lovely warm crusty sourdough roll - tasted as good as always :)

Duck & Foie Gras Terrine with Figs

My choice of 1st course, looked familiar ? Essentially it was the same dish that I had back in December as part of  the dinner degustation , minus the cured duck breast, a wedge of fig instead of a slice, and this time round it was accompanied with a thin slice of crouton instead of a cube.  
It tasted as good as when I had it during dinner and the fig was very fresh and sweet.

Salmon Rillettes with Cauliflower Puree & Salsa Verde

The salmon rillette though already mixed with a citrusy dressing, still had too strong of a fish smell to me. 
The cauliflower puree was very creamy that worked well with the salmon.

Roast Chicken Thigh with Pomme Puree & Dutch Carrots

The roasted chicken thigh was delicious ! It was perfectly cooked, juicy with crispy skin (crispy chicken skin...mmmm....).
It was accompanied with some sort of sweet jus, creamy pomme puree and sweet crisp roasted Dutch carrots. 

Pan Fried Kingfish with Soba Noodles & Ginger Dressing

Just like the chicken, the kingfish was pan fried to perfection with crispy skin and cooked just right. The fish was resting on miso glaze , served with sweet candied ginger jelly and tsuyu dipped soba. 
The soba was perfectly rolled up and topped with shredded nori and pickled ginger - simple yet I found it visually appealing :)
A light dish perfect for a hot summer day.

Strawberry Eton Mess with Raspberry Sorbet

For dessert, you choose either the classic eton mess with strawberries, crushed meringue and vanilla whipped cream, topped with raspberry sorbet.

Vanilla Pannacotta with Cherry Sorbet & Chocolate Crumble

Or something that moves LOL
The waiter was purposely wobbling the plate as he approaches *wobble*wobble*
So happy with my choice, the pannacotta was set just right, soft and creamy yet sturdy enough to wobble  (okay, wobble is probably not the proper word to describe a pannacotta).
Usually I'm not a fan of anything cherry , but the sorbet was good and love the chocolate crumble.

The verdict ? It was unanimously voted by the whole table as the best value lunch deal ever !
A well executed meals and the same quality of service as we had during dinner time :)
Now...just have to plan my next break to fall on another regular Friday.....

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  1. the roast chicken looks awesome! and the wobbly pannacotta. yumm!

  2. argh i looooove eton mess! i was just thinking about eating one this morning!

  3. i'm really hoping to try this again. i visited a few years ago and really enjoyed it :-)

  4. mel : don't u just love when they wobble ? hehhehehehe :P

    suze : whoa !! you can eat eton mess for breakfeast ?? (then again, so can I, lol)

    simon : they are still consistently good throughout these years, which is great :)

  5. yes yes, I love Assiette ! still wanna try their degus... Glad that u manage to do the lunch :D

    I wanna go back, I wanna go back, I wanna go back to Sydney... I am regret now...hahaha

  6. ja : i know !! finally after how long i've been talking about wanting to try their lunch :P see...should have stayed in sydney, it's not too late to come back you know....^_^

  7. Interesting to see chicken thigh being used. Assiette is a perennial fave of mine.

  8. joey : in a way I'm glad they used chicken thighs as I'm not a fan of chicken breasts (too healthy hehehe :P)