Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Taste Baguette @ Westfield Sydney, Sydney CBD

Open Bakery / Kitchen / Patisserie

It has been a while since I visited Taste Baguette, back in June 2010 to be exact.
Since then, it appears that they have opened up a few more new stores : Met Centre, Sydney University - Law Building ( lucky you students !) and one that caught my attention at the up market Westfield Sydney.

The baguette menu has been revamped as well, of course the popular remains and more delicious new addition (read : Roast Pork Belly baguette...mmmmm....).
First had it when we stopped for a quick lunch break during the crazy Boxing Day shopping frenzy - the cafe was packed despite having much more seating space than their Market Street branch, so we just grabbed them to go and sit in the plentiful comfy lounges in the centre.

Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino 

Few days later I returned with my parents who were visiting during the holiday break and we were pretty much bored at home LOL 
It was weekdays and before the lunch rush time, plenty of tables and chairs so we decided to dine in.

I do expect them to charge a higher price for dining in, but I think $4.00 surcharge is a tad hefty. 
The only difference is you get a table service and eat the baguette off a plate instead of a foil wrapper - justifiable ? 

Classic Vietnamese on Wholemeal Baguette
pork pate, pickled carrot & radish, cucumber, spring onion, coriander, soy dressing and chilli (optional)
$9.90 eat in / $5.90 take away

You get to choose from 3 baguette options - white, rye or wholemeal. All three of us opted for the healthier wholemeal options that day.

Mom got the classic Vietnamese style filling, which according to her is so much more tastier than the pork rolls you get from a Vietnamese bakery (even better than the famous Hong Ha's at Mascot she said).

Vietnamese Style Lemongrass Beef on Wholemeal Baguette
grilled beef marinated in lemongrass, pickled carrot & radish, iceberg lettuce, spring onion, cucumber & coriander
$13.00 eat in / $8.90 take away 

For my dad, I ordered a more filling and "manly" baguette - beef !
He was eyeing my pork belly baguette, so I swopped his half with mine - aren't I good ? ROFL
The lemongrass marinated grilled beef pieces were very tender and also flavourful, the crispy and sour pickled vegetables added contrast to the texture.

Roast Pork on Wholemeal Baguette
roast pork belly with brie, lettuce, rocket, honey mustard mayonnaise
$14.00 eat in / $9.90 take away

The best baguette filling combo EVER !! 
The juicy chunks of roast pork belly with crispy crackling, generous slices of brie that was slightly melting from the heat of the pork, then add some creamy honey mustard mayo - oh and don't forget to throw in some greens to make it less sinful....

Everything that just tasted so damn good together....sooo gooodd......
(ignore the droplets that's dripping onto your plate as you bite on the pork belly, just soak it with the bread and continue *ignorance is bliss*)

Crispy Juicy Pork Belly

When I had it first time, the baguette was fresh out of the oven which made it tasted so much better than the 2nd time round. 
Don't get me wrong, it still tasted amazing but having a piping hot crusty baguette with it was so much better. 

I think I need to try it again...for research purposes only of course ^_*

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  1. Yum. I'm yet to try the pork belly baguette. Looks great

  2. Have I been here? I don't think so! Pork belly baguette has me going soon though. :-)

  3. They look so tasty. The 'eat-in' surcharge is a bit steep though. More than most places.

  4. muppy : if you love anything pork belleh, you will love this too !

    john : definitely must try John, and it's just next door to your shop *wink*

    suze : damn goooooddd.....

    joey : well, you have been missing out Joey ! lol ask them for freshly baked baguette if you can :)

    melba toast : it is a bit steep isn't it ? there are plenty of chairs to sit in the centre, so i prob just gonna grab one to go next time :P

  5. interesting combo of roast pork baguette! yum! always love vietnamese style filling, that looks good too!

  6. mel : yep, vietnamese roll gone fusion at Taste Baguette :D

  7. OK I am so drooling at this post! Damn 10pm baguette craving! :P

  8. lorraine : ROFL ! I'm on the same boat with you, editing photo of New Shanghai's pan fried pork dumpling *tummy rumbles - graoooowww*

  9. i love taste baguettes. i just walked past this one this week and didn't realise it was a taste because there wasn't much signage i thought to say what it was. will be visiting soon :-)

  10. simon : same here, didn't realize it was Taste Baguette until I was in front of the cashier lol