Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nazimi, Sydney CBD

Whenever I meet up with a friend for dinner in the CBD area and we felt like some Japanese, then I tend to end up at Nazimi.
It's located across the bus stops at the back of QVB, which is quite convenient for a quick dinner after a long day at work and then bus / train home is just a few steps away :)

Walk down the stairs to the basement and you are in the restaurant, a small one and perhaps a little cramped, but the foods are delicious and very reasonably priced. 

Soft Shell Crab Salad  $11.80

The soft shell crabs were lightly battered and deep fried to crunchiness, and thankfully not to greasy :)
Served with green salad with soy sauce / citrus based housemade dressing. 

Kingfish Carpaccio  $12.80

Love the housemade yuzu, pepper and lime dressing ! The flavour of yuzu that is similar to mandarin just made this dressing different, a light and refreshing dressing to go with the fresh thinly sliced kingfish sashimi. 

Sashimi Deluxe $35

I think this is a good value for $35 :D The size of the platter did took us by surprise when it arrived - totally did not expect to get so much - super happy !
Everything on the platter were very very fresh with a good variety of sashimi assortments. 

Nothing on the dessert menu took our fancy, so we cross the road into QVB and up the escalators to Bacco :)
It was close to their closing time but we were still able to order some cakes and drinks.


The brownie was so rich and dense with really nice deep chocolate flavours topped with candied orange and nuts. 
Lucky I didn't order this as I would have struggled to finish it right after a filling dinner hehehehe...
I left it for my friend to tackle it but of course I was "forced" to eat it as well to "help" her  ^_*

Cappuccino Torte

The cappuccino torte though tasted really good ! The coffee flavoured custard was not too sweet and goes along well with the sweet buttery tart base. Topped of course with some whipped cream and chocolate bits - foam and cocoa powder in cappuccino ?

Had a lovely night catching up with a friend , started the evening with something light and ending it with something rich and indulgent ^_^

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  1. Would you say Nazimi is an authentic Japanese restaurant?

  2. hi Lil : I believe it is , at least they don't have anything kimchi on the menu which would be a tell-tale sign that it's not authentic LOL

  3. I've had my eye on this place for over a year now. I no longer work in the city so there less chances for me to try all these places. The sashimi plate looks fantastic1

  4. Whoa, that sashimi platter looks amazing! And the Cappuccino Torte looks pretty good too - it actually looks golden.

  5. amy : that's a bummer that you don't work in the city anymore, the place looks deceiving for the food they serve :)

    melba toast : it was pretty amazing value for the freshness !

    joey : it was different, good different ;)

  6. i luuuurrrve nazimi!!! and that sashimi deluxe looks so good, I gotta go back soon!