Monday, 21 February 2011

New Shanghai, Westfield Bondi Junction

New Shanghai @ Westfield Bondi Junction Lv 5 Food Court

Because I have been so behind on my blogging, this new addition to the Harbour Room food court is  not so new anymore :P 
Probably all of you would have noticed that it's there by now ^_^

Pager Disc ; Harbour Room Dining Room

This is the latest location for this Shanghainese restaurant franchise, with 4 other locations in Sydney.
Of course you have your usual noodles and rice dishes but they are most famous for their dumplings.
Pan fried, with delicious soup inside, steamed, you name it, New Shanghai would most likely have it on their menu.

Pork buns in the making

The first time I tried their pan fried pork bun was when I was accompanying my friend to do some last minute christmas shopping (told you it was ages ago :P), I was hooked on it !!
So, about a week later I returned with a couple of my cousins because I was craving for some of those juicy buns...mmmmm..

Drunken Chicken

We ordered a few cold side dishes to go with our dumplings and buns. 
The drunken chicken was delicious, cold, tender and Chinese wine soaked slices of chicken thigh - with skin-on of course !

Jelly Fish Salad

The jelly fish salad wasn't as nice as the chicken, it was quite bland to what I usually have at other places. 
Looking at it, it already looked pale and bland :( Quite disappointed as jelly fish is one of my favourite food.

Black Vinegar & Chilli Sauce

Xiao Long Bao

We ordered a basket of xiao long bao (pork dumpling with soup), and how does it fare to Din Tai Fung's  ?
In my opinion, Din Tai Fung is still the overall winner. 
Though New Shanghai's soup is more tasty and flavourful, I found the skin is too thick - much prefer the delicate and thinner skinned xiao long bao.

Pan Fried Pork Buns

The babies with golden bums ^_^ I have returned for you !!
Unfortunately the buns were too oily compared to the first time I had it - nothing a quick dab on tissue paper can't fix - it's what's on the inside that counts !


The buns were fluffy and pan fried till they are golden brown at the bottom. Inside you have this super juicy pork meatball that is soooo tasty. 
Just be careful though, they do squirt - found out the hard way first time, squirted onto my friend's face and dribbled all over my top *oops*.

The menu here are reasonably priced, the plate of 8 pan fried pork dumplings cost about $10.00 if I'm not mistaken, which was good value for the quantity you get. 
I just wish they provide soup spoon for the dumplings though, it's really tricky to eat it with the standard spoon provided by the food court. 
Too much precious dumpling soup were wasted onto the plate / tray / table / your clothes.

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  1. I've wondered how this place has been going, so thanks for the post. Haven't visited the food court here for a while. The drunken chicken looks so luscious. Mmmm.

  2. These look delicious, i don't ever go to bondi junction, really food court food? thats amazing ;)

  3. The dumplings look so tasty. I've never had jelly-fish...I'd be interested in hearing what that texture is like?

  4. joey : the food takes a while to come out since i think they make them fresh to order ? but worth the wait...

    muppy : yeah, pretty amazing for food court food ey ? no more greasy deep fried dim sums lol

    melba toast : ohhh should try jelly fish ! it has a crunchy texture, cold, slippery but crunchy hehehehehe..

    tina : ya...the posh food court, not the fast food filled one near Myer LOL

  5. yum i love shanghainese dumplings!

  6. gosh, they're everywhere now, wonder if they can keep the same consistency across all the shops?

  7. thang : seems like they are expanding quite rapidly , I've never been to the others, I do wonder if they taste the same or not :)