Saturday, 7 August 2010

Four Ate Five, Surry Hills

Four Ate Five has been voted as Best Cafe by Time Out's Sydney Food Awards 2010 - Congrats !!

This cafe has been long on my list of places to try, so early Saturday morning we ventured out here before the place gets too crowded.

The first thing my friend said to me was, "Are you sure you are awake ?". I shall assume I must look like crap that morning LOL
And no, I did not have a hangover or anything like that, must have been the lack of sleep during the week finally showing it's effect :P

Seated at the big wooden table at the back

Large Skim Capp

A large coffee is definitely in order to wake me up, and I'm glad that Four Ate Five does do great coffee as mentioned in the reviews that I've been reading. 

Morrocan Baked Eggs w/ Almond, Labne & Organic Sourdough

While the tomato sauce the eggs were baked in was delicious, I still prefer more chunky style sauce, it was a bit too watery for me.
Compared to other Middle Eastern baked eggs dishes I've had before, it seems to lack punch, the spices were barely noticable.

Homemade Creamed Corn topped with 2 Poached Eggs & Crispy Bacon served w/ Organic Sourdough Toast

The creamed corn were sweet and creamy and the eggs were perfectly poached as well, and nothing beats crispy bacon.
Too bad that the butter was cold and impossible to spread on the toast.

Four Ate Five does great coffee that's for sure, but we found the breakfast were just ordinary. 
I've heard that their pulled pork sandwiches are the star dish in this cafe, unfortunately it was not available for breakfast. I'm curious to taste it so I shall be back but for lunch this time !

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  1. I'm with you with the coffee being good, but breakfast was just standard I thought.

  2. At first I wanted to try the pulled pork sandwich but my friend said its a bit dry and she recommended the roasted beef sandwich.. its soooooooooo good but very messy when eating... please give it a try :D