Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Taste Baguette on Market Street & Max Brenner, Sydney CBD

Taste Baguette counter & display

On Sunday afternoon, after accompanying my friend to inspect a house, we stopped by Taste Baguette for a quick bite. Lunch for her, afternoon tea for me ^_^

Carrot Bread

Caramel Macaron

I had the carrot bread on my last visit here (back in Jan, wow, it has been that long!). The carrot cake used to be dome shaped, not loaf sliced like this. I remember it being quite moist and flavourful before, the bread was a bit dry and bland this time round.

The macaron however has improved, the shells are perfect, although I can do with a bit more caramel in between :P

Campos Coffee

Vietnamese Style Lemongrass Chicken on Wholemeal Baguette

My friend ordered the lemongrass chicken baguette, it looks yummy ^_^
I love their baguettes, but just too full to have any that day... now I want one !

And for dinner :

Max Brenner Chocolate Pizza with A Crunch

Pizza topped with melted chocolate, caramelised pecan, cornflakes, mini marshmallows and white chocolate drops.
Nothing beats sugar overload on a Sunday !

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  1. i <3 max brenners chocolate pizza! so chocolatey so good!

  2. hahaha, I just posted about it too. will try the carrot cake next time, the coffee looks great.

    the max pizza, last time i had it with another 3 friends...almost cant finish :P

  3. Hi Ja,

    Hahahaha I know !! I was reading your blog and waaa...we went to the same place LOL

    If 3 of you struggle, imagine 2 of us who had to finish it -___- I ate 4 slices and I felt sick afterwards hehehehe

  4. Suze - the pizza is definitely your kind of food isn't it ? LOL
    If it was dark chocolate, it would perhaps be better ? Not too sweet >__<

  5. sound slike you had an awesome day of just great food. Shame the carrot cake was a little dry though. That lemongrass chciken looks so good. My friends working in the city always talk about how good taste is, I'm so missing out =(

  6. linda : yep, great food = high calorie LOL
    perhaps their other stores are closer to you ? should try it once, it's like fusion vietnamese roll :D

  7. Love the coffee at Taste Baguette and that chocolate pizza is astounding!