Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chillipadi, Melbourne CBD

Last weekend, three of us girls went to Melbourne for a weekend of nothing but eating ! is of course unavoidable with girls...ehehehhee...

Naturally, I got the task of doing the food research before we left, and while searching for a place for late night eating, I stumbled upon Chillipadi.
Chillipadi serves hawker style food, so things like laksa, char kway teow , roti , etc...
Every Friday and Saturday, they are open till 5 am with their ChilliMalam Supper menu available from 10pm - 5am.
Which is perfect because we arrived at the hotel quite late at night, freezing cold and hungry.

Chicken Laksa

This is a dish from their ChilliMalam supper menu, one potent chicken laksa. It is surprisingly really really delicious ! The soup is thick, rich and full of flavours. Perhaps the best one so far that I've tasted in Australia :) My friend did say there is too much noodle and not enough of the chicken and the other stuffs though.
We were a little puzzled when they gave us small plastic spoon to eat this laksa -___-; 
How are we to eat noodles and soup with a small plastic spoon ? 
At first we thought, perhaps this is how they do things here, all minimalist since it's quite cheap, $7.50 for a bowl of laksa.
But, as we were about to pay at the cashier, we passed a table of PROPER cutleries ! Heaps of them !!
Who knows why they didn't give us a real spoon....

Roti Reuben

Since I already had dinner on the plane, I opted for something lighter (-ish). Roti Reuben is minced chicken with cheese and mayo, wrapped in roti prata and then drizzled with sweet chili sauce.
Nothing can go wrong with mayo and cheese really hehehehe...and the roti has a nice crunch as well.

Chilipadi has 3 locations around the Melbourne CBD, the one we visited was the one located at Melbourne Central. The food is reasonably priced and does offer authentic hawker style food. The service I must say is pretty much non - existent which is pity as their food are delicious. 

Shop OE7, Menzies Alley
Melbourne Central
Cnr of Little Lonsdale & Elizabeth Street
Melbourne  VIC 3000
(03) 9663 5688

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