Thursday, 1 July 2010

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, The Rocks

Guylian Milk Hot Chocolate

We decided to scrap our plan to bake cakes for our combined June birthdays celebrations since we were so busy at work and just didn't have the time. So I thought we'll just get some small cakes from Guylian instead.

Since we are there, might as well have our breakfast there hehehee....
They didn't have much selection for breakfast except for some pastries and muffins.

Pistachio & Chocolate Muffin

I don't think I have ever seen this flavour combination in muffins before, so it was an easy choice when I was oggling on the pastry display.


The muffin was warmed up and is perfect on a cold morning like this. It is moist , light and fluffy just how I liked it !
You can really taste the pistachio and chocolate flavours :)

Croissant with Chocolate Dip

My dad had a plain croissant which is served with Guylian chocolate dip. The croissant was flaky and buttery, of course a side of chocolate doesn't hurt either :P

It was saturday morning, so The Rocks Farmers Market was on too !
The stalls were still being set up when we finished our breakfast @ Guylian, so we walked around the harbour first, and I went trigger happy when I saw poppies everywhere \^o^/
So if you happened to be there on that day, and saw someone squatting on the ledge near the flower bed, that is probably me LOL

Poppies in front of MCA


Taken enough photos of poppies, time to return to The Rocks Farmers Market to see what food is there...

Lowenbrau Stall

The foods were still not ready :(
The Lowenbrau stall looks delicious though, with that huge pan of mushroom cooking and some pretzels ! Next time my pretzels...wait for me....

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  1. i love how guylian puts a square of chocolate in the mug to melt oh so slowly mmm melty chocolate