Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bruschetteria 102, Surry Hills

A quick break from Melbourne food posts...yes...there are 2 more places to write up :)
Since May this year, Bruschetteria 102 stands where Cafe Ish used to be before they move to their current location.
I've been stopping by this quirky little cafe on my way to work to grab a cup of their Nutella coffee, and it is not until this past Sunday that I had the chance to try out their foods.

Wooden drawers chest & lamp; knick-knacks for sale

Retro furnitures also for sale

The cafe is brightly coloured with quirky furnitures , everything in this store is for sale, even the tables and chairs you are sitting on.
If the item has a price tag on it, then you can purchase them ^_^

Buongiourno ! 

Everyone, meet the always chirpy and smiling Luca, even early in the morning when I'm still half asleep ordering my coffee LOL
Glad to see the same happy service even on a late Sunday afternoon. 

Water pitcher ; Place mats ; Paper bag of cutleries and napkin

We were quite curious when we saw the place mats were brought over with 2 paper bags...paper bags ?
How cute is that ! The cutleries and napkins are inside the bag >___<
We probably got too excited about it, oopsss :P

Nutella Coffee

When we asked Luca how did he come up with the idea, his answer was "I love Nutella and I love coffee, so why not put them together ?". Bravo I'd say !!
It's just like a mocha, but with the hazelnut notes that is Nutella.
I love this drink, you should give it a try too :)

Silver Teaspoons

No two teaspoons here are the same, they are all unique, a souvenir from places they have been too perhaps ?
Reminds me of the time when I had dinner at my Danish friend's house. She had used silver teaspoons similar to this that her family has been collecting for decades, each of them have a story to tell :)

Fleur de Lys pattern on back of spoon ; Pretty golden birdcage hanging above

Ragù Rustico
Homemade Ragù & Parmesan Bruschetta

Bruschetteria 102, as the name suggested, offers a wide range of bruschettas, they even have breakfast bruschettas that I'm yet to try one day.
Their signature bruschetta is the ragù & parmesan bruschetta, an Italian style meat sauce or Bolognese sauce as it is widely known . 
The bruschetta is crisp and fresh and the homemade ragù is indeed very delicious. Simple flavours of tomatoes and herbs, topped with shaved parmesan is just perfect. 

The 4 Seasons Polenta

I ordered the special of the day, Four Seasons Polenta - rectangles of creamy polenta topped with 4 different topping representing each season. Doesn't it just looked amazing ?
Let's see if I'm matching the topping to the right goes !!

The 4 Seasons Toppings : Ragù, mushroom creme, shaved parmesan and salami

Winter - the heart warming ragù, the same one that was used in their signature bruschetta.
Autumn - mushroom creme - earthy, creamy and oh so delicious, my favourite amongst the four :)
Summer - shaved parmesan - simple and refreshing !
Spring - salami - the salami has great flavours and not too salty as well, delish... you think I got it right ? ^_^

Clean boards all around

While we were savouring our meals, Luca popped over again and asked "Have you fallen in love (with the food of course!)?".
We replied with 2 thumbs up still holding the cutleries and mumbling "GREAT" with mouthful of foods.
It must be one hilarious sight for him hahahahahahaha....
Looking at how we polished off our boards so well with no crumbs left in sight , we can say we love the foods here !!

A perfect place to hang out with friends, just for coffees or some light meals. 
Love the cosy ambience, friendly services with smiles and heart warming foods...oh and of course...the Nutella coffee !!

Update : Bruschetteria 102 revisited in August :)

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  1. dudeeee nutella coffee??? awesome!

  2. It's ur kind of drink isn't it lol
    Is goooddd

  3. Oh my, I have to go, Nutella coffee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. oh my god! i have to visit this place!

  5. Ja & Amy : you should both try it, and let me know what you think :D

  6. Wow what a find! Thanks for sharing, will have to check it out! Great pics! xxMsD

  7. Ms Darlinghurst : they are now open for dinner as well Thu - Sun till 10pm, serving antipasti and apperitiv, check it out if you haven't yet :D