Wednesday, 7 July 2010

July's SMH Growers Market, Pyrmont

Every 1st Saturday of the month, the Sydney Morning Herald's Growers Market is held at Pyrmont Bay Park (right across Star City Casino).  Although the market is within walking distance from my house, I always have trouble waking up early enough for it :P
The market is open from 7am to 11am, and you do need to get in early to get some of the goodies as they tend to sold out after about 9am.

My dad loves going to this market, it's good timing that he happens to be here in Sydney this month :)

Dogs catching up with the goss :)

Beside fresh produces and gourmet foods, you can always be sure that there are cute dogs all around ! 
As this market is dog friendly, almost everyone here brought their dog along with them.  So do bring your dog along if you visit this market :) I'm sure they will have fun too.

Mushroom Soup from Li -Sun Exotic Mushrooms

There is nothing better to warm ourselves up with some piping hot mushroom soup from Li-Sun's Mushrooms stand. It was only 8 C that morning *brrrrrr*
A soothing and delicious mixed mushroom soup with Asian flavours, ginger and surprisingly, some dumplings as well. It was really really yummy :)

Vegie King stall ; Purple Carrots

What I love about this market is the veggies are fresh from the growers and sometimes you do find some interesting stuffs, like the purple carrot on this visit. I've heard of it before but never actually saw it sold. 
Too bad I didn't have a chance to cook at home that weekend, otherwise I would have bought a bunch to try.

Rhubarbs ; Ox-Heart Tomatoes

Pots of flowers for sale

A quick wonder into the fresh cut flowers section located at the far end of the market. It is so nice to still see brightly coloured flowers even though we are in the middle of one freezing winter.

Sunflowers , Jonquils, Kale Flowers, Hydrangeas

Adelong Fresh's Pink Lady Apples

I could not resist buying a bag of these pink ladies whenever I go to the market :) They are always so sweet and crisp. I usually pick a bag that has smaller sized apples , perfect for a quick snack. The friendly farmer helped picked the bag too...ehehehehe :P

Next stall we encounter is one very dangerous stall by Sweetness The Patisserie !!
Everything here is so beautifully presented and packaged, had to resist buying everything ^_^
Caramel Apples, Mini Macarons, Lemon & Raspberry Muffins by Sweetness The Patisserie

Glass domes of yummy goodies

We end up getting 2 bags of the mini macarons variety packs, the flavours were Hazelnut with Salted Hazelnut Buttercream, Raspberry, Vanilla, and if I remembered it correctly Lemon Myrtle ? 
I must say, the hazelnut one tasted amazing ! Never thought that salt and hazelnut would work so well together. 
The lemon & raspberry muffin was really moist, tangy and well...fruity. One of the best muffins I've ever  had :)

Grandma's Secret Lemon Drink

Obviously we bought a cup out of curiosity, a spiced piping hot lemon drink ? Hmm...
At first sip, we went ...woohooo >___<  It really is one potent drink !!
It's sour, sweet and heavily spiced, it tasted a bit odd at first, but after a few sips, you end up drinking it to the last drop. Definitely getting it again if they still have it next month. If you like spicy drinks and need something to warm your body up , do try it.

Now...can I wake up early for next month's market ? :P

Sunny winter morning @ Union Square

Sydney Morning Herald Growers Market
Every 1st Saturday of the month (except January)
7:00am - 11:00am
Pyrmont Bay Park (opp. Star City Casino)
Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009 


  1. i love this market but it closes too early! i really want the caramel apples now!

  2. suze : agree !! opens too early and closes to early lol

    cella : next month !

  3. Love this market, the mushroom soup looks very sweet and warm =)