Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Hardware Société , Melbourne CBD

Good morning Melbourne !

I was the first to woke up and get ready, eager to properly start our eating frenzy weekend :D
The original plan was to go to Brother Baba Budan for breakfast, but after I heard from my cousin that they do great coffee but doesn't have much breakfast selection - change of plan !!
I need something more solid than just coffee and pastries that's for sure ^_^

The Hardware Société

Due to error in many publications and maps, we walked up and down Hardware Lane (as published) and obviously we cannot find it.
So the new destination is...The Hardware Société 

We end up at Hardware Street and the street looked deserted so first thought is OMG I write down the wrong address !! 
Luckily my friend spotted the cafe's name on the information sign that list out all the shops on that street -   one handy sign I'd say, especially for non Melbournian like us :P

Later on we found out from the owner that it has been an ongoing issue that people are not able to locate them. The cafe is located on Hardware STREET not LANE as published. 

Spanish Flag ; Yellow light bulbs hanging down over our table

The Hardware Société is one uber cute Spanish cafe. Everything here is so adorable, the tablewares, furnitures, and the yellow and grey colour scheme. If you happen to order a pot of tea, the teapot has clothes of its own - knitted teapot cover *arrhhh too cute !! >_<*

The small but functional kitchen / cashier / dining area / baked goods display

There were some yummy looking homemade goodies on the display, unfortunately we have to save our stomach space as the day has only begun and there are many more places to eat at *_^

Skim Cappuccino w/ Bite Sized Spanish Donut

All of their delicious coffee is served with a bite size spanish donut (is it still a churro even though it's round?) with chocolate centre.
That donut is sooo sooo soooo gooodd !! Wish they were more of them hehehehehe...
It was still warm and the aroma of the cinnamon sugar is amazing. One mini ball of yumminess !

Pot of brown sugar ; Ball of goodness

Their brown sugar doesn't taste like any other brown sugar, it has a texture of fine cookie crumbs and strangely enough, it's not sweet ? 
We end up nibbling on the brown sugar a little :P
UPDATE : The brown sugar is called Panela and it's from Columbia (Thanks Di for the info :D)

DIY Mocha

You should see how our face lights up when my cousin's mocha was set down. We are definetely not expecting a DIY mocha experience lol.
Loved it !! You get a cup of espresso and a jug of hot chocolate on the side, so you can mix in as little or as much as you want. Excellent idea I think :D

Wall decorations ; Salt Pot & Pepper Mill

At one point the owner chatted to us and asked " You girls are not from here isn't it ?".
"Are we that obvious ??" "Yes, you got the cameras and maps in hand" LOL
Embarassed of course but good at the same time, coz that means we can do what tourists do - go snap happy ! 

Omelette - tomato, tarragon, confit tomato, isigny ste mere brie, duck confit, chestnut paste, wild mushrooms

Served with olive oil drizzled sourdough baguette, the omelette is lovely. The duck confit is packed with flavours and quite tender. This is one fancy omelette for sure.

Breakfast Special - Baked eggs w/ chorizo, peppers & Manchego cheese

Another face light up moment  !!  The dish is baked in a mini blue casserole pot on a wooden tray and served with the sourdough baguette as well drizzled with olive oil , another lovely presentation :)

Hot stuffs !

The pot arrived scalding hot and the chorizo is spicy too !! There isn't much of it in the pot but you sure can taste the heat from it. The eggs are a little overcooked for me as I liked my egg yolk to be gooey still. Nonetheless, this was a heart warming dish, perfect for a freezing cold Melbourne morning.

Busy Saturday morning ; Row of plants outside

The cafe is located in a business districts and I'm glad that they are open on Saturdays, otherwise I would not have the chance to have a great breakfast experience here.

We then walked down to Federation Square as I've booked us some tickets to..... :

Tim Burton The Exhibition at ACMI in Federation Square \^o^/
I love Tim Burton's quirky and dark works, especially Edward Scissorhands and really...anything with Johnny Depp in it LOL

Unfortunately we are not allowed to take photos inside the exhibition, but if you like his work, you must go to the exhibition if you are in Melbourne. It might be a small exhibition, but everything that Tim Burton has created so far is in there, even the recent Alice in Wonderland's costumes and props.

The exterior of ACMI is transformed for the exhbition - all Tim Burton-ey

Eyeballs scattered around the ACMI forecourt ; Entrance into the exhibition ; Stain Boy animation playing on the eyeball / TV screen ; More eyeballs

The Bat Mobile

Shared bicycles for hire ; Flinders Street Station

The Hardware Société
120 Hardware Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9078 5992

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  1. haha, I just went there a few days ago, love the place ! I ordered mocha cuz my friend said they serve in the separate jug.. but I don't like the taste though... maybe gonna go for cappu tomorrow morning, is it good? wanna try the baked egg also but not enough time now.. got only 2 days to eat a quick breakfast in mel.

    oh and we took a lot of same pictures.. (tim burton and bicycle thing..hehe)

  2. Ja ! Are you in Melbourne now ? How funny is this hahahahahaa !
    I liked the cappuccino, maybe worth a try ?
    Seems like we went to the same places and took photos of the same thing LOL We shall compare posts when you post yours up !

  3. Thank you for your lovely post of us...The Hardware Societe is very appreciative and loves it. The sugar is called Panella, its origin is Columbia. Thanks, Di

  4. Hi Di, wow, was not expecting you to read my post ! Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment here :)
    Can't wait till the next time we are in Melbourne and dining at your lovely cafe :)

  5. heyyy... methinks that "colombia" the country is spelled with an o instead of u =p