Thursday, 8 July 2010

Shenkin, Erskineville

Straight from the SMH Growers Market, we went to Shenkin in Erskineville for brunch :)
The only thing that prevents me from coming here more often is the fact that I have no idea how to get here on my own -___-;
It is almost certain that I will get sooo lost if I ever do attempt to drive here, so for the time being, I'll just depend on someone else hehehehehe.....

Shenkin, according to my research (read : Google search), is one of the posh area in Tel Aviv, Israel with its restaurants, bars and cafes and tree lined boulevards.
So it is only natural that Shenkin in Erskineville offers traditional Israeli fare. They also have a selection of delicious pastries that are baked fresh on the spot too. 

Copper pans & pots ; Old wooden cupboard

As you stepped into the cafe, it felt like you are stepping into an old farmhouse. Everything here is rustic and I'm not surprised if some of them are antiques. I love checking them out and spot them in odd places while waiting for the coffee to arrive.

The 3 Coffees & 1 Hot Chocolate

Woke up too early today so I must have my coffee , but apparently their hot chocolate is very good. 
I didn't get to try my cousin's but since she is scraping the last spoonful of foam in the empty glass, I think it is definitely good ^_^


Labbane or Labne as it is usually called, is a Middle Eastern yoghurt made by straining the yoghurt to remove the whey. The end product is something like a cottage cheese texture, but still retains the yoghurt flavours. At Shenkin it is served with lemony olive oil, tomato, zaatar and pita bread. 
It is quite rich but yet light at the same time, and the tanginess of the lemon does help to cut back the creaminess of the labbane.


The famous Shenkin's Shakshuka that you must must try if you are here !!  
It's a traditional Israeli dish made with 2 eggs poached in rich tomato, onion and capsicum sauce and served of course with their warm pita bread. You can order some dipping sauce on the side, this time I got the corriander dip. 

Piping hot Shakshuka !

Shenkin's Home Made Pita Bread

The highlight would be their freshly baked pita bread. They are like two fragrant pillows, warm and fluffy. Makes me all cuddly and warm LOL
If you give me just the pita bread and some cold butter, I will be content :)
They are perfect to soak up every last drop of the Shakshuka...mmm...warm pita bread....*fluffy fluffy*

53 Erskineville Road
Erskineville, NSW 2043


  1. I can tell that I would fall in love with this place in an instant. I must visit soon :)

  2. Amy : and don't forget to have the pita breads :D

  3. u forgot to mention how GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD the coffee is

  4. and the mixed berries pancakes................... awwwwwwwwwwww

  5. these guys use jack and the bean coffee on a la marzocco linea machine, bar is an awesome latte artist and his older brothers ben and din are amazing baristas also.

    the interior of the cafe is built entirely by the boys and they do a great job. it is pretty much on the newtown side of erskineville and not that hard to find as the writer says hahaha, its about a 5 minute walk from newtown station and even less from erskineville. accross the road from the erskineville pub.

    it really is a great cafe and will only get better im sure. great post on a great cafe.

  6. anonymous : with my navigating skill, the place is hard to find LOL

  7. i love this place. it's walking distance from my house and i come almost every weekend :)

  8. hi anna : lucky you !! fluffy pita bread every weekend ? *jealousss*

  9. yes, how can you miss the mixed berry pancakes!! :D :D