Monday, 12 July 2010

The Commons, Darlinghurst

If you have been reading my blog, you would remember that I planned to dine here twice and the plan failed both times.
But here we are, finally !!

The Commons main door

We turned up without making a reservation around 6.30pm and the place was already filled up with a couple of tables already set aside for reservations.
So we were offered to either wait in the bar area downstairs (which was really nice by the way, took a quick peek on the way to the restrooms) or have one of the outdoor table. 
We didn't mind since it wasn't too cold that night and there are heaters outside :)

The Commons winter menu ; Gas heaters on !

There are 2 menus, one that is seasonal and one with specials on the day. Check out their website to see what they have on specials and they do update it almost daily.
Before coming here, I got the impression that they offer simple bar foods, but I couldn't be any wronger.
The Commons's menu is influenced by Italian, French and British cuisine and uses the best of local produce and what is in season at the time. 
The table next to us ordered the antipasti platter and french onion soup that looked delicious. Unfortunately we were not too hungry that night, so shall remember to order them on the next visit, if they are still on the menu of course. 

Simple table decorations ; Outdoor dining table & stools

Special of The Day ~ Veal Backstrap Involtini in Rich Tomato Broth

Obviously that is not the name of the dish, I forgotten to jot down the name once again *sigh*
As it was explained to us by the waiter, it is like an involtini - roulade Italian style :)
Veal backstrap was used to wrap around an egg, and if I remembered it correctly the greens was cavolo nero. It was then cooked in the rich tomato broth and served with it. 
It was also suggested that we ordered a side of bread because we would want to mop up all the broth.
And I'm glad we listened !! This dish was delicious, warm and hearty. The veal itself was very tender and the tomato broth is simply amazing. The bread really did come in handy to polish off the plate.

Side of Bread  & Olive Oil ; Salt & Pepper

Commons Chicken Parmigiana w/ Pino's Ham & Fresh Mozarella

I decided to go for something more classic Italian, so I ordered their house special chicken parmigiana. The chicken breast was tender and the juicy cherry tomatoes goes really well with it. Can't go wrong with melting fresh mozarella and ham of course. All in all it was a simple, classic dish with fresh flavours. I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Outdoor Coffee Bar

I am actually quite amazed that their coffee bar is outside ! I wonder if anyone has actually attempted to steal it LOL
There was no gate, no doors, you can pretty much reach for it from the side of the road.
Not to mention it is still in very good condition considering where it's located.

Milky Oolong Tea

They have a more exotic and unusual tea selection, such as the dragon pearl jasmine tea and milky oolong that my friend ordered. 
It's a lightly coloured tea with strangely, milky and silky flavour, with no milk whatsoever.
My friend liked it so much that I had to bought a bag of milky oolong on my recent trip to Melbourne.
Loved how they serve the tea in a chinese clay teapot and pretty ceramic cup and saucer.

Skim Flat White for me :)

Blueberry Creme Brulee

My friend had the blueberry creme brulee, unlike the usual brulee, it doesn't come with that thin caramel top.  Instead it was covered with blueberry gelee and definitely not crackable hehehehe...
Despite it missing that crack factor, it was still one delicious brulee.
Chocolate Fondant 

Since this dessert takes 20minutes to make, I actually ordered it while we are having our mains.
Need I say more...the picture says it all....spongey on the outside and gooey warm centre.....*hooaaahhhh*
It is served with a dollop of double cream which doesn't hurt *ignore the expanding waistline*.
I must say, it is one of the yummiest chocolate fondant I've tasted so far.

I couldn't believe it has taken me this long to dine here. The atmosphere is warm and homey, the service is friendly and prompt too. The waiter and waitresses are very knowledgeable about their food and wines which is a bonus.

Shall be back to try out their breakfast and lunch menu :)

The Commons
32 Burton Street
Darlinghurst, NSW 
(02) 9358 1487

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  1. ooh i <3 the salt and pepper holders! and the chocolate fondant looks so delish!

  2. I have been planning to visit here. It looks so lovely and inviting. Nice one!

  3. suze : the fondant is delish ! worth the 20minutes wait I'd say :)

    amy : will be interested to see what you will be on the menu when you dine there :D