Sunday, 11 July 2010

Mizuya, Sydney CBD

I used to go to this place quite often with my friends, but then after a few months opening, the quality seems to have gone downhill. Especially during dinner time where there were few times when the portion of the dish varies.

So, since my dad was craving for something warm and soupy for dinner, decided to give this place another go.

As you all probably already know, Mizuya is an izakaya restaurant with touch screen ordering systems at each table. Since it's an izakaya, most of the dishes are designed to share and nibble on while drinking. Dishes will not all come out at the same time and will not come in order too, so best to order foods to share :)

Prawn & Chicken Chawan Mushi

The chawan mushi is still good, silky with noticeable dashi flavour. Some places do get it wrong where there is just too much egg and it becomes quite hard, but here it is just perfect - it can still do the wobble *wobble wobble*

Crispy Salmon Skin

Probably not the healthiest food out there considering how much oil is used here :P
Nonetheless it is yummy to nibble at, crispy and salty, a good snack to go with beers.


First time I ordered oden here and this has become one of my favourite.
Oden is a Japanese winter dish with soy flavoured dashi and contains various ingredients, Mizuya's oden comes with 2 types of fish cakes : hanpen and chikuwa,  then there are daikon (white radish), ito konyakku, octopus, boiled egg and served with a dollop of hot mustard on the side.

Soy Milk Hot Pot

We ordered the small sized soy milk hot pot to share and somehow it seems bigger than I remembered having on the last visit.
Thankfully, their hot pot still tasted great !! I love their soy milk hot pot, as weird as it sounds, it really is good. I think they mix some soy milk with dashi, so it is milky, creamy and rich :) I usually avoid drinking soup (why fill your stomach with water is my theory), but I don't mind having this hehehehe...

The "Fillings"

What you get to put in the pot is some prawns, scallop, salmon, crab, tsukune (chicken mince balls), chicken and heaps of veggies, tofu and mushrooms.

My failed attempt on trying to make the pot pretty :P

Mixed Sundae

Of course must have dessert :) Ordered the usual, mixed green tea & vanilla soft serve served with shiratama (glutinous rice balls), azuki (red bean paste) and wafer.

I think Mizuya has picked the quality back up and I'm glad to see that.
Great place to have hot pots and if you in the area during lunch time, try out their lunch set menus which has just been revamped recently and offers more selections with the same great value :)
(Went there for lunch but forgot to bring my camera *doh*)

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  1. I'm craving a hot pot, seriously they look yummy.

  2. laura : should try them out, they are perfect for this kind of cold weather :D