Friday, 27 August 2010

At Perry Lane, Paddington

This way to At Perry Lane

Deciding which cafe to have weekend brunch in Sydney can be quite a challenging task.
Should we try out somewhere new or try something that I know has had good reviews ? 
Will everyone liked it or they won't like it and then you felt like the guilty person who has suggested the place :P

Anywho, I decided to go safe and suggested At Perry Lane in Paddington which has been on my list for a long long time. 
The fact that they are only open from Fri - Sun and I think we know how hard it is to find parking in Paddington on weekends, especially on Saturdays when the market is on.

This little cafe is located on, well, Perry Lane of course ! There is a menu board at the entrance of the lane and then a little blackboard with their takeaway menu on the walls of the lane.

We were greeted by the lovely lady as we stepped into the place and she even offered to come back and take our photos when she saw me whipping out my camera :D
It's so nice to see such warm welcome on a freezing mid-winter morning.
Why so early ? One of us has to dropped off her hubby who was doing the City to Surf, so while she's waiting for him to finish his run, she decided just to go for brunch instead of cheering him on LOL

Water Bowl ; Magazines ; The Tiny Kitchen ; Big Mirror

At Perry Lane is a split level cafe with open air seatings all round. Which may not be that comfortable in winter but would be lovely when spring comes.
It felt as though you are in someone's backyard patio, lots of greeneries, magazine rack and of course water bowls for doggies :) Oh, almost forgot to mention that this is a dog friendly cafe so you can bring along your buddies.
There was one gentleman who had 2 dogs with him and appears to be a regular at this place.
One of the dog made a beeline to their usual table and was puzzled when there was someone else sitting on their spot, too cute !
The girl who sat there offered to move to another table because the dog just stand there staring at her, confused LOL

Large Coffees All Around !

I'm surprised to see how small the kitchen is considering the many options they offered on the menu. There is nothing fancy, just some good hearty all day breakfast fares and from 11am onwards a selection of wraps, sandwiches and salads are available.

Eggs Benedict on Sourdough with Prosciutto 

Breakfast Wrap
Scrambled Egg, Bacon, Avocado, Roma Tomato w/ Tomato Relish 

Perry Lane Breakfast
Poached Eggs w/ Bacon, Chorizo, Balsamic Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Spinach & Toasted Sourdough

Was feeling famished that morning, so I got the biggest breakfast on the menu !
Pretty much everything that you would like to have on your plate for a satisfying brekkie.
The balsamic mushrooms were really good, slightly acidic but sweet at the same time.
It was so cold that morning that half way thru the plate, the fat is starting to solidify (gross I know, cold fat *shudder*) - so I have to scoff the rest of the food down quickly.

Runny Poached Egg Centre

Lovely Sunday Morning ; The Dog that wanted his usual spot

Friendly service, felt like home, good food and coffee and a pet friendly cafe , that is At Perry Lane.
I'm coming back again when the weather is warmer to try out their scones that looked so delicious !

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