Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bruschetteria 102 ~ Round 2, 3, and so on... , Surry Hills

Winter Menu 2010

I know that I've written a post on this place before, but I just couldn't help posting another one because I keep discovering more delicious foods to try out :)
I must confess this has become an addiction, I've been coming here on the weekends just to try out something new from the menu, and still I haven't tasted every thing on the menu yet !
Everytime I come by, there is always something interesting on the special menu board and I ended up ordering that instead of what I had planned earlier.
Looks like I won't be able to taste all of their Winter bruschetta since Spring is not too far away.

Mandatory Nutella Coffee
The Nutella coffee has gone fancier since the last visit, seems like Luca (owner/barista) is experimenting with coffee Nutella arts these days, I keep getting different patterns :D

Retro Furniture ; Coffee / Cake  Counter

The furnitures have been moved around since the last time, some items seems to have been sold and new items have been added too.
I've also since learned that these lovely vintage & retro furniture are by Arteflo with Florence responsible for the homey set up in the cafe.

Yellow fruits in vintage white bird cage


Bruschette Salsiccia is topped with Italian pork sausage with raddichio salad and served with a side of tzatziki.
The sausage was juicy although my friends who ordered this found that raddichio is just too bitter for their liking. 


As the name suggested, this bruchetta is a medley of grilled vegies : zucchini, aubergines and raddichio.
I didn't get to try this, but it looked...well...healthy :D

Special of The Day
Mushroom Creme with Parmesan & Black Truffles

How can you not order this when it has Black Truffles !! 
The mushroom creme is the same as the one on top of the Four Seasons Polenta that I've had the last visit, but the addition of the truffles brought it up to another level.
Not to mention that the truffles comes in generous thick slivers - YUM....Served with a side of lightly dressed salad of radicchio and green apples.

Thick slivers of truffles ; Side of salad

Also spotted a dessert on the menu board, so naturally..... :

Torta di Mele

As we say it in English, Apple Cake. The cake was surprisingly light as I was expecting a dense buttery cake. There were layers upon layers of thinly sliced green apple baked in a very light sponge, dusted with cinnamon and served warm.
It was very very good indeed, there is just a right balance of tartness from the apple and the sweetness from the sponge. 

When we were about to leave and ask for the bill, we were told to wait for a while as there are some little surprises coming (surprises ?!?).

Frutti di Bosco Bruschetta

The surprise ? 
They are thinking of creating some sweet bruschettas to add to their menu and we have been asked to try their "experiment" and get our feedback :D
The Frutti di Bosco is sugar dusted bruschetta topped with ricotta, berry compote and crumbed...hmmm...amaretti biscuits perhaps ?
It's a simple combinations of flavours that worked very well together - not too sweet, quite light since they used ricotta and the slight sourness from the berries.
The verdict - MUST GO ON THE MENU ! 

When I returned a week later, it has definitely made its way into the menu :

Sweet Bruschetta made its way

And I finally get to try their breakfast bruschetta after being side tracked twice ! Actually, had to resist ordering their special on that day - Duck Egg and Black Truffle Bruschetta - must keep on track...must keep on track....


Bruschetta topped with scrambled egg, smoked salmon and chives. Today it was served with a side salad of fennel and orange which was refreshing, which goes well with the creamy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

Wonder what's on offer for Spring bruschetta ? There is only one way to find out, isn't it ? ^_^

History of Bruschetta

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  1. oh wow, i've never heard about this place. it looks awesome. i'm definitely going to check it out now :-)

  2. simon : you must pay a visit, and hope you love them as I did :)