Friday, 13 August 2010

The Commons (Brunch), Darlinghurst

I've enjoyed my first visit to The Commons for dinner and had always wanted to return to try their brunch menu and managed to gather a few friends for a lazy Sunday brunch :)

Welcome Signs 

This time we get to sit in the main dining room inside as it was surprisingly quiet for weekend brunch. I was expecting the place to be crowded. Perhaps it's a tad early for people who had party hard the night before hehehehe :P

Warm fire place by our table

Crackling Wood Fire ; Wood poking tools

As you stepped inside, you are greeted by the sounds of woods crackling in the fire place and the smell of burning wood, it was amazing....felt so at home (not that I have a fireplace at home, you know what I mean...). Unlike heaters, the warmth was not too intense, just the right level of heat to keep us warm from the freezing cold weather outside. 
Naturally, we picked the table right by the fire place :)

"Mobile" Menu Board ; Communal Cutleries & Napkins Box

It was funny when the waitress moved the menu board around to our side, and then later on to another side when there are more customers coming in LOL
Must be quite tedious having to move the special boards around the dining room !
As it is more of a communal style dining, the cutleries and napkins are placed in the centre of the table so  everyone can help themselves.

Communal Dining Tables

Barista in action ; Mimosa in a bottle

Coffee !

Coffee to kick start the day, the coffee was much better this time round than when I had it at dinner last visit. It's not far off from the best tasting coffee I've ever had at Lorca in Melbourne. 
I ended up ordering another cup after we finished our meals :)

Milky Oolong Tea

Again, my friend ordered the Milky Oolong Tea that she loved so much the last time. We found out that the tea is from Zensation in Surry Hills.

On to the foods.....
Egg & Bacon Roll w/ Homemade BBQ Sauce

Something simple like an egg & bacon roll, the egg yolk was still soft and runny...yummm...

Omelette with Mushrooms & Wood Cured Bacon

Didn't get to try this, but the omelette looked fluffy and smelled delicious !
I wonder where the bacon has disappeared to in this photo , it was definitely on the plate.

Ricotta with Coffee Poached Dates, Pistachio & Honey

My friend ordered this out of curiosity, and unfortunately we all just found it a tad too weird for our taste. 
Ended up ordered a side of few slices of toasts to make it better. We found that it was too rich and sweet to be eaten on its own.

Corned Beef & Potato Hash w/ Slow Poached Egg & Confit of Cherry Tomatoes

This one delicious and hearty dish, love everything on this plate. The corned beef was quite tender, the potato has cubed were crispy on the outside. The slow poached egg was amazing, the yolk was thick and runny still. The confit cherry tomatoes were little pods filled with sweet and slightly acidic juice.
I was eating this ever so slowly (which is rare for me !) and savouring every single bite of this.
Felt like winter alright, eating a warm hearty dish next to a warm fire place....

Hand Written Bill

How is their brunch menu compared to dinner menu ? Equally wonderful meals :)
During day time, the restaurant has a more relaxed and family feel to it. A family with a few little ones were dining on the table next to ours.
And at night time, this place is transformed into a wine bar and a casual bistro style dining.

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  1. This is still on my to-do list along with many others that you have introduced to me. The Hash has my name written all over it!

  2. amy : you better make your way there before winter ends and the hash is gone !

  3. i didn't realise they did breakfast which looks great. i've had dinner there which was very nice :-)

  4. simon : it is surprisingly very quiet during breakfast time, not like the always packed dinners :)