Sunday, 15 August 2010

MakMak Macaron


First I've heard of MakMak macarons was from Chocolate Suze's tweets, then after I read a post on it from another food blog I knew I just had to order some from them - ASAP !
After several emails with Chia from MakMak, back and forth, deciding what to order and would be the best time to deliver, I've finally got my hands on these babies earlier this week \^o^/
Unfortunately I was still at work when they delivered the macarons, I'd love to have met them.

I'll just let the pictures explains themselves on how pretty their macarons are :D

Mac babies wrapped in black and maroon tissue papers

For $25, you get a dozen of these delicate confections, very reasonably priced I must say compared to what we usually pay for in patisseries these days. 
They might be just made at home, but the quality of ingredients used is undoubtable, not to mention the interesting flavour combinations the MakMak peeps come up with.

A Palette of Colours

When asked what flavours I'd like to order , I said one of every flavours you have please ! ^_^
I've also asked for their new special flavour to be included in my order as well which I had to wait a few days for as they are still perfecting the flavours. Since good things come to those who waited, I waited (with contained excitement !).

Let's go through the flavours one by one :

Quince & Grape : I'm not too sure about this one, then again I don't like quinces hehehee....

Mocha : the taste of espresso was quite distinct, and the slight bitterness worked really well with the sweet macaron shell.

Salted Caramel : love love love !! The slightly salty caramel is my favourite !

Peppermint & Belgian Dark Chocolate : classic combination of peppermint and chocolate, never fails.

Black Sesame : the smoky aroma of nutty black sesame is lovely.

Vanilla : no vanilla essence was used in this, real Vanilla beans was used and if I'm not mistaken (it has been a while since I worked with flavourings at work), Bourbon Vanilla perhaps ?

Raisin Toast : Brilliant idea, taste just like raisin toast but much more petite and lot more tastier.
Cinnamon buttercream studded with raisins, definitely a must try, this is another one of my favourite.

New Flavour : Raspberry & Cardamon Scented White Chocolate Rice Pudding ! I thought it was raspberry macaron, until I bit into it !

Chomped !

The cardamom scented white chocolate rice pudding is placed in the centre and "wrapped around" with raspberry jam. It was a bit tough and chalky when I bit into it, then again it has been sitting in the fridge for a few days when I tasted it. Perhaps it would have a texture like mochi if eaten fresh :)


MakMak macarons can be ordered by emailing them directly, see their Facebook page for details on how to order.
Make sure the Raisin Toast and Salted Macaron is in your box of goodies !
Looking forward to see what other new flavour combos they are gonna come up with :)

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