Monday, 23 August 2010

Sea Sweet, Paramatta

One of my uncle back in Indonesia is craving for the Lebanese sweets that he had when he was here on holiday. So when my auntie is going back, she insisted that we had to go all the way to Paramatta to get the sweets -___-; Considering where she lives in Maroubra, it is a road trip just to get some baklava.

Naturally, I tagged along because she mentioned that they serve plated desserts as well here at Sea Sweet.

This place is surprisingly huge ! As you stepped inside, you are greeted with an array of Middle-Eastern sweets to one side and continental cakes on the other.
What to choose, so many to choose from...*eeny, meeny, miny, moe*

White seating area ; Sanitiser bottle ?

While my aunt is picking her 6 boxes full of Lebanese sweets, we the kids sat down in the cafe area towards the back of the store, perusing the dessert menu.
First thought that comes into mind when I saw the clear, white capped, unlabelled bottle was .... hand sanitiser ? Doesn't it just look like one of those Dettol hand sanitiser ?!?! LOL
It's just rose scented sugar syrup to drizzle onto the desserts, which is good as I usually found Middle-Eastern sweets are drenched in syrup, too sweet to my liking :P
At least this way I can put as much or as little as I like.

Hot Drinks

Arabic Coffee served in a traditional brass pot

While the others ordered the usual coffees, I ordered the Arabic Coffee. The description of "served in a traditional brass pot" sold it to me (suckers for gimmicks like this hehehehe :P).
The Arabic Coffee is served black and you do have to wait till the coffee settled down to the bottom of the pot, otherwise you end up drinking ground coffee beans which is not that enjoyable.

Knefe Cheese

Semolina encrusted sweet cheese served with Sea Sweet signature bread bun. You have an option of having the knefe inside the bun or served on the side.
I love this one, it's like eating sweet mozzarella cheese ! Stringy and chewy, not to mention the "smiling" signature bread.
I was tempted to get some to take home, but I thought I'd better not...too dangerous having these around at home.

Katayef  Kashta
Mini Pancakes filled with Kashta & Sweet Rose Syrup

These thin mini pancakes are filled with kashta, a Middle Eastern thick cream that is made from skimming the thickest part of the cream from whey. It is indeed very thick and creamy, almost like a ricotta cheese kind of creamy. 
It arrived bland, so the bottle of rose syrup on the table came in handy :)

Halawet El Jebn Rolls
Sweet Cheese Sheets filled w/ Kashta, served w/ Nuts and Sweet Rose Syrup

The sweet cheese sheets had an interesting texture, it is rough in texture and chewy. Again, kashta was used as the filling.

Osmaliye Kashta Plate
A Kashta Layered Center w/ Sweet Noodle Pastry Layers and Sweet Rose Syrup

Now this one come drenched in sugar syrup, sweettt >___<
On hindsight, we probably shouldn't have ordered that much of kashta filled desserts. By the fourth mouth full we were feeling quite sick because they are all very heavy and sugary LOL

The desserts were nicely plated and if Middle Eastern sweets is your kind of thing, you must visit Sea Sweet, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.

Sea Sweet - Paramatta
4/354 Church Street
(next to Sebel Paramatta Hotel)
Paramatta, NSW 2150
Phone : 1300 90 80 70


  1. lol you were in my hood! i agree the knefe cheese bun is freaking addictive!

  2. suze : what a sweet hood you have there lol !

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