Sunday, 1 August 2010

Micky's Cafe , Paddington

I've been living in Sydney for ....(count fingers...1..2..3..) 14 years and this is my first ever visit to Micky's Cafe in Paddington 0__0  Scary isn't is, considering that this cafe is probably one of the well known cafe in Sydney.

When a friend suggested a late night cafe session, I thought why not give this place a go, plus there isn't many cafes that open late at night.

We were seated in the courtyard where the lighting is RED T____T
I'm apologizing in advance for the heavily edited photos. The aim was to reduce the redness, but turns out to be disaster , I really need to polish my photo editing skills *sigh*

Coffee & Tea

Some of us had coffees that comes with chocolate butter cookies, while some opted for a more calming option, pots of Chamomile & Lavender Tea.

Wedges w/ Sweet Chili Sauce & Sour Cream

Hot wedges on a cold night is good......The wedges were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, dip in sour cream then sweet chilli sauce - YUM !

Sticky Date Pudding w/ Ice Cream

The sticky date pudding is one of the best I've had ! It's moist, spongey with bits of dates here and there.
It may look small in the photo, but they are quite big actually, very generous portions here in Micky's.

French Doughnuts w/ Caramel Fudge and Ice Cream

I ordered the French doughnuts a.k.a. beignets because I wanted something "light" ( beignets are fluffy = light snacks).
I was only expecting maybe about 5 beignets for $10, but my horror....there are at least 10 beignets in one serve ! They are not tiny itsy bitsy bites either, at least one mouthful if you pop it in one go like me :P
Thankfully they are really light, crispy shell and fluffy on the inside, a little undercooked but I liked it. 
My friends were not much of a help, they only took 2 to share between 3, so I'm left alone to polish off the beignets...

For late night sugar hits, I'd recommend Micky's Cafe, they have a good selection of desserts not to mention great value for what you paid for. I'm quite surprised on how cheap they are considering they are located in the posh strip of Paddington.
I wonder if their savouries are as good as their desserts ? That's for next time ^_^

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  1. mmmmmm wantttt
    anything with caramel and ice cream sounds good..

  2. we should go there sometimes La :D

  3. Yep, their savouries are *just* as good - if they have the chicken soup on when you go, definitely worth a try... or the gnocchi with bacon...

  4. blue penguin : cool, shall try out the savouries next visit then, thanks ;D