Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Water Moon, Potts Point

Water Moon is a sake bar & restaurant (izakaya) that has just opened up a few months ago. While browsing the Eatability site I saw that they are having a special dinner sets for a limited time only, $15 for a standard set or $25 for a more premium set.
One rainy night, gathered a few friends who just can't miss out such a great sounding deals.

Side Dining Area ; Bar Area

There is no mistake that you are in a sake bar, there are big bottles of sake everywhere !
It has more of a bar atmosphere than a restaurant, dimly lighted and cosy. There was a cushioned area in the main dining room, but as we made the booking quite last minute, we were seated in a more secluded dining area towards the back.

Jumbo Sake Bottles ; Cute Chubby Bird Sake

One of the managers brought over these 2 jumbo sake bottles to our table when he noticed me taking photos of the bottles on the side table - "Much easier for you", he said.
Domo arigatou gozaimasu ^_^
That was very nice of him.

Menu ; More cute birds on the menu 

Emerald Night Cocktail - Sake & green mint, blue citrus and apple juice ; Green Tea

Beside the many varieties of sake they have on offer, there were a selection of delicious sounding sake cocktails.
Had a little sip of my friend's Emerald Night cocktail and it was good, but I'd better be safe than sorry so I stick to my cup of hot green tea.

Complimentary Edamame ; Salmon Carpaccio

The salmon carpaccio despite not looking like carpaccio (wonder where the sauce is ?), was actually quite good. The slices of salmon were lightly dressed with citrusy dressing and then topped with some ikura (salmon roe).

$15 Dinner Set
Karaage Set ; Spicy Pork Set ; Sashimi & Oyster

With the $15 dinner set, you get to choose your main from either teriyaki chicken, karaage or spicy pork. The set also includes rice, miso soup, sashimi and agedashi tofu.
The karaage was okay, not the best we've ever had but it was good. The pork however arrived cold, which was a bit of disappointment to those who ordered it. The sashimi was fresh and apparently the oyster was good, dressed with some sauce if I'm not mistaken.

Roasted Duck & Boiled Spinach

$25 Dinner Set

With just $10 more, you get a starter of roasted duck, prawn & vegetable tempura and sushi on top of what is included in the $15 dinner set.
The roasted duck was tender and boiled spinach with sesame paste is one of my favourite Japanese side dishes :)
The teriyaki chicken was quite ordinary, the tempura however was very crispy and stayed crispy even after a while. Don't know how they do it because usually they do go soggy quickly.

These special sets are of great value as you do get a lot of food.
Water Moon is extending this special dinner deals till the 31st August 2010, however now the offer is only available from 6.00pm - 7.30pm only.

Wasabi Ice Cream & Sake Jelly

Although we are already very full, we just can't go pass their special dessert when the manager mentioned it to us.
The wasabi ice cream was really good, sweet but watch out, the kick that clears your sinuses hits you towards the end when you think it's harmless >__<;
The sake jelly has no more alcohol taste to it, it just tasted like sweet jelly.
As with any Japanese ice cream style desserts, there are some cornflakes on the bottom as well to add some crunch :)

The service here is great, the managers and staffs are corteous and accomodating. My friend's request of having just salmon on her sashimi plate was happily taken care of. 
If you are looking for a new place to have drinks with your friends, I think you should give this place a go.

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  1. ooh nice find! sounds like a great deal to get people interested in visiting!

  2. suze : yep, otherwise no one would notice it has opened up there, it is located in the back streets of Kings Cross :)