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Mino, Mosman

Mino is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in Kaiseki menu, it is I suppose a Japanese degustation where each dishes are presented in a smaller portions. 
They also have a la carte menu available, so fret not if you are not a big eater :)

There are two types of the kaiseki menu, the Goshu or the Mino. The difference is the ingredients used varies, but if there are at least two of you then you can get one each and share like we did...ehehehe....indecisive people that we are :P
Once you choose either Goshu or Mino, you are then faced with another question , the $43 or the $59 ?
With the $59, you get sushi along with the sashimi, 5 entrees instead of 4 in the entree platter, more premium choices on the mains, and more goodies on the dessert platter. 

We both opted for the $43 as we were a bit worried we won't be able to finish everything if we chose the other one. 

1st Course - Aperitif & Amuse Bouche

First course is the aperitif and amuse bouche, you can opt for a non-alcoholic version as well.
The aperitif is plum wine and my alcohol free version is just lime soda.
The amuse bouche is tuna mayonnaise on a round of cucumber and topped with some tobiko (flying fish roe. We found it too fishy and glad that there a glass of the aperitif to wash off the taste :P

2nd Course - Appetizer
Mino Appetizer  - Agedashi Ocean Perch & Japanese Taro, topped with Bonito Flakes & Seaweed

Goshu Appetizer
Steamed Prawns & Seaweed w/ Plum Dressing

I love this appetizer, the dressing was really nice and compliments the prawns, it was tangy and refreshing.

3rd Course - Sashimi
Goshu Sashimi

The 3rd course is sashimi, my friend has already started on hers when I realized that we have different selection of sashimi.
For my Goshu course, I got tuna, salmon and kingfish. With Mino course, she got tuna, salmon and aji (horse mackarel).
The sashimi was real fresh, even my friend who doesn't usually like tuna sashimi enjoyed hers.

4th Course - Mino Assorted Entree

Buckwheat Soba Noodle Soup w/ Duck Mince Ball
Grilled Salmon w/ Miso Butter Sauce & Japanese Mushroom in Foil
King Prawn w/ Seaweed Vinaigrette & Fennel
Deep Fried Brie Rolled in Kurobuta Pork w/ Honey Mustard Teriyaki Sauce

The 4th course of assorted entree could pass as a main - we were definitely not expecting them to come in such generous portions. Every single dish represents a method of cooking : futamono (lidded dish, in this case the buckwheat noodle soup), yakimono (grilled dish, the fishes), su zakana (vinegared dishes, the prawns and the scallops below), agemono (deep fried dishes, like the pork and duck).

Every dish was executed well and we enjoyed this platter very much, it was very filling so we were quite full already at this stage and we still have the mains and desserts to go !

Goshu Assorted Entrees

Buckwheat Soba Noodle Soup w/ Duck Mice Ball
Asparagus & Duck Tempura w/ Miso & Blue Cheese Sauce
Grilled Kingfish & Shimeji Mushroom w/ Ginger & Soy Sauce Mayo in Foil
Seared Scallop Salad with Onion Vinaigrette

The highlight on this 4th course would have to be the Buckwheat Soba Noodle Soup with Duck Mince Ball - it was delicious. The dashi was amazing, I would order it again if it is available in bigger portion :)
The grilled kingfish was grilled in foil and it is cooked perfectly, not too dry at all. 
I also love the scallop salad, again the scallop was fresh and the vinaigrette is citrusy and refreshing.
The asparagus and duck tempura was my least favourite on this plate, the duck was quite dry and the blue cheese sauce was too strong that it overpowers the delicate flavour of the duck.

5th Course - Main
Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Hot Pot

Unagi Kabayaki ; Sansho Shaker

For the 5th course, you can choose from a selection of mains, my friend chose Sukiyaki for hers and I chose Unagi Kabayaki.
The rice was perhaps a bit too soft but the unagi was great ! Slightly smoky aroma and caramelized on the outside from the sauce it was basted in. 
Just like in Japan, the sansho (Japanese version of szechuan pepper ) is contained in a wooden box, I love sansho with eel, of course you can not use it if you don't want to :)

Cute desserts wooden cutleries

 The 6th course, last but not least are the desserts ! You can choose one flavour from the selection of ice creams and sorbets , from something exotic to the usual chocolate ice creams and mango sorbets.

6th Course - Dessert
Ice Cream , Vanilla Pannacotta w/ Caramel Sauce & Seasonal Fruits

My friend opted for green tea ice cream and I, black sesame ice cream. There is also vanilla pannacotta w/ caramel sauce and fruits in the dessert platter.
Just the right amount to finish off the lovely dinner.

For only $43, I think this is the best value Kaiseki dining in Sydney. Their Kaiseki menu changes by the season to showcase only the best flavours at the time. It may not be the same as what you'd have in Japan, but it is definitely close.
Looking forward to returning again in Spring !

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