Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cafe Viggo, Århus C - Denmark

Cafe Viggo

After I checked into the hotel and refresh myself, I took a stroll in town in order to stay awake @___@
Since no shops were open, after a while I decided I'll just find somewhere to grab some cofffee and a quick bite. Strolled along the cafe lined Århus Canal and it was hard to choose which one. There were many of them, lined side by side and the Danish only menu board outside doesn't help much either :P
So, I settled on Cafe Viggo because it has pretty pictures on the signage , pretty picture = (hopefully) good food. 

English Sunday Menu

So glad to see that they have an English menu for someone who doesn't read/speak Danish like me *phew*
The food menu was available in English but not the drinks menu, but it's pretty easy to guess what is what, so no drama.

Brunch Menu ; Mural inside the cafe ; Rainy autumn day 

On a drier and sunnier day, you can sit outside and do some people watching while you enjoy your drinks or meals. Inside the atmosphere is quite different, it was dimly lit with big white candles on every table (and it was only 3pm ), more like bar than a cafe :) It was really warm and cosy and I love the fact the tables by the window are arranged so that you can still watch the passerby on the path outside.

Vampire & Coffee

I really hate dining alone, it just felt so...weird...awkward.. Anyway, so I brought along a vampire novel to keep me company. Perhaps not the best book to read while you are eating LOL
A cup of cappuccino was definitely in order and I'm so glad that the coffee here is decent (good coffee is not found easily in Europe *torture for me*). It came with a very yummy chocolate & hazelnut biscuit, it had rich cocoa flavour and had a cakey texture, soft and chewy. Delicious yum yumm :)

Brunch Set # 4

Wasn't feeling too hungry, so I just picked something from the brunch menu. Cafe Viggo's brunch is available from 10am - 4pm, which is quite late isn't it ? I don't think I've ever came across a place offering brunch menu till late here in Sydney.
The brunch menu comes in sets and they all sounded so good. After much deliberation, I chose Brunch Set # 4 - a plate of 5 different things, mini size.
I was all smiles when the plate was set down - so pretty and cute ! Bits and pieces of everything, now let's see if they do taste as good as they look, shall we ?

Bread & Butter

Everywhere you dine in Denmark, you'll get bread and butter with your meals. The big plate of brunch set came with a bowl of sliced bread - rye, multigrain and sourdough plus a round of cold butter.
I exercised self control and just ate the rye bread :)

Stirred Feta w/ Grissini 

The feta was mixed with what tasted like sundried tomato or tomato paste. It was creamy with fresh tomato flavours and slightly salty, perfect to go with the thick grissini. 
The grissini is not the crispy type that we usually have, its texture was more that of a pillowy bread.

Mini Club w/ Chicken Salad ; Hash Brown w/ Smoked Salmon & Créme Fraiche ;
Salad w/ Mozarella & Basil ; Fruit Salad

The mini club sandwich was very simple, lettuce, tomato, poached chicken mixed with mayonnaise, sandwiched between 2 triangles of crispy toast. 
The hash brown was more like a frittata, there was some onion in it as well. It was very very good, not too heavy and crispy on the outside.  A perfect accompaniment to the smoked salmon & créme fraiche.

The mozarella, tomato & basil stack was quite bland, wish there was a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of seasonings. There was nothing fancy with the fruit salad either, it was a mixture of grapes, pear and banana. Again, it just needed something, a spritz of lemon juice would be just nice.

Overall it was a nice brunch on a late Sunday afternoon, the food on the plate was hit and miss.
The service was very friendly and all smiles :)

Considering the prime location where Cafe Viggo is situated, the meal was not an expensive one. 
The brunch set plate was DKK 95 (AUD $18) and the coffee , is a tad expensive, DKK 36 (AUD$7.00).

Outside dining area

Cafe Viggo
Åboulevarden 52
DK 8000  Århus C
+45 8619 0011


  1. i hate eating by myself too! tho it's mainly cos i like trying more than 1 item on the menu and have noone to steal food from hehe

  2. suze : hahahaha that is totally different reason ! hahahah