Thursday, 7 October 2010

SIFF 2010 Sugar Hit - Monkey Magic, Surry Hills

Perhaps I'm getting old, but 3 Sugar Hits in 4 days is too much, I'm on dessert overdose and I do not want to see another so soon.
In saying that, I'm booked in for another hit tonight LOL 
Just hoping that a 48hours break would be enough to reset my sweets appetite.

So, the 3rd Sugar Hit this year is at Monkey Magic, a Japanese/Western fusion restaurant in Surry Hills.

Brown Brothers "Patricia" ; Choya Plum Wine

There were 3 alcoholic beverages to choose from to accompany your dessert, a Brown Brothers "Patricia" Late Harversted Riesling (King Valley, VIC), Choya Plum Wine (Osaka, Japan) or Hennessy VS (Cognac, France).
I had a sip of the "Patricia", it has a fresh and sweet stoned fruit (peach or apricot ?) and honey aroma. 

Pot of Green Tea

Tonight I swopped mine with green tea. I was actually expecting to be served matcha, but got an ordinary green tea instead. The pot of tea comes with a matcha white chocolate coated almond slivers, which has started to melt due to its close proximity to the hot teapot :P

Black Sesame Creme Caramel

The creamy, nutty black sesame creme caramel was served with red wine poached pear wedges, a scoop of coconut ice cream topped with cracked pink peppercorn, interesting combination of spice and sweets :) A crispy sesame pastry stick lie resting on the creme caramel, a nice contrast of texture to the plate. 

Monkey Magic's Sugar Hit

Another one that looked deceivingly small on the picture posted on the SIFF website - it was huge !
The creme caramel was probably almost 4cm tall and 4cm wide, quite big for something so heavy and creamy. 
I was struggling again to finish the dessert...I was eating it ever so slowly and had to stop a couple of times to take a breath.
I stand sat defeated from Sugar Hit ....with a spoon in hand....

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  1. oh no sweet warrior! Stand tall and hold tight to your spoon!

  2. wow you are one crazy girl. 3 sugar hits already and it's only the 7th. the monkey magic sugar hit was part of my wishlist but i sadly had to let it go due to the distance from azuma and bacco. now ur tempting me to make a special trip for it!

  3. nik : no...cannot stand tall anymore !

    sugarpuffi : lol's 4 sugar hits and it's only the 7th ! I'm going to Shangri-La's tonite :P Blaming my cousin who made all the bookings, good planning ahahahhaha !
    I'm still looking when to go to Bacco now that you said it was good :D

  4. well sit up straight then.... your stomach will appreciate it as you go through your crave sydney schedule hehehe

  5. I've done 4 so far with 2 being on the same evening and I must say I cannot handle sugar the way I used to!

  6. mademoiselle : ah, that's right, you did azuma and glass in the same night wasn't it ? I felt that the desserts this year are more indulgent and hence more filling, or is it just me getting old lol