Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Le Monde, Surry Hills

Morning at Le Monde

Before going to the special lunch at Lotus earlier this month, I met up with Nut for breakfast since she insisted that I try the coffee at Le Monde.
She is a coffee nut (pun intended) and Le Monde made it to the shortlist in her on-going quest to find the best coffee in Sydney.

Coffees Round 1
Latte & Clover Coffee

Le Monde offers coffee lovers beans that comes from one specific country a.k.a. Single Origin Coffee.
Prior to coming here, I got a briefing from Nut that Le Monde is one of the handful places in Sydney that has a Clover Coffee Machine. 
These machines, which supposedly can produce high quality brewed coffee, are quite rare because Starbucks has bought over the company back in 2008. 
Since then, the machines are only sold to Starbucks - lucky are those cafes that has their hand on one before the take over.

Clover coffee is served black so you can taste and experience the flavour and aroma of the bean in its unadulterated form.
There were 5 Single Origin Coffee Beans to choose from that day and the waitress has recommended the Kenyan Mtaro.
If my memory serves me , my cup of Clover coffee has a rich, full bodied mouthfeel and was quite fruity. 
Is the Clover coffee better than those brewed on other machines ? I can't be the judge of it because I don't drink much straight nor Single Origin coffee to be able to tell the difference. 
All I can say that it was had a nice pleasant flavour and was easy to drink.

White Anchovies on Avocado Toast w/ Cherry Tomatoes, Black Sesame & Spanish Onion Salad

Nut's order of white anchovies on toast looked pretty and vibrant. I thought the black specks were cracked black pepper, but they were actually black sesame !

Brekky Frittata of  Black Forest Gypsy Ham, Basil & Parmesan w/ Sweet Onion Jam & Rocket Salad

I was going to order something light since I know I'm going to have a big lunch later that day, a slice of toast or something like that.
Who am I kidding ?!?! 
As you can see, I ended up ordering the brekky frittata off the special menu board :P
The frittata was nice although it is a bit too firm for my liking, I like my fritatta slightly softer. The sweet onion jam on the side was delicious though and goes well with the frittata.

Coffees Round 2
3/4 Long Black & Skim Cappuccino 

We just couldn't pass another round of coffee when the waitress asked if we'd like another cup :)
This time I ordered the usual, skim capp while Nut ordered something new to my ear - a 3/4 long black (huh?).
Explanation from the coffee nut : "Long black = 60ml espresso + 120ml water, 3/4 long black = 60ml espresso + 90ml water". 
3/4 long black = stronger , less diluted cup of long black.

If you are curious on what a cup of coffee brewed from a Clover machine tasted like, then you should pop by Le Monde.
The coffees are great and so are the people there. 
Le Monde also do breakfast degustation on Fridays and Saturdays, $35 for 3 courses and 2 rounds of coffees. 
As they only take 5 people per seating (9am and 11am) on those days, it was a matter of luck to secure a booking. 
I haven't had much luck as yet :( 
The earliest they can the booking for is 2 weeks in advance, I'm gonna ring them at 7am *speed dial*.

Single Origins Menu ; Sweet Treats

Le Monde
83 Foveaux Street
(02) 9211 3568