Sunday, 24 October 2010

SIFF 2010 Sugar Hit - Azuma Kushiyaki, Sydney CBD

I think this would be the last Sugar Hit outing for this year (I think...).
When my friend made the booking, she was told that our group might be seated either in Azuma Patisserie next door or TonTon across from Azuma Kushiyaki. 
Because we were the first few groups that arrived, we got seated in the back area of the restaurant, didn't even know it existed until tonight :)

Sugar Cookies by

Look at what brought for us ! She just finished an order for some wedding cookies and we got the leftovers - yay for leftovers !!
At this particular wedding, the personalised sugar cookies acted as name plates as well as bomboniere. 

Girl in floral dress and boy in tuxedo and cap.

Drink Options

The 3 drinks option that you can choose from : Hennessy V.S.Cognac, Azuma's special blend Japanese green tea or Brown Brother's Orange, Muscat & Flora.

Azuma Kushiyaki - East Meets West 

Like last year, the Sugar Hit comes in a 2 tiered lacquer boxes. The concept is still the same as last year, western style desserts with eastern flavours.
Although, I must say, compared to last year's version of East Meets West this year's just doesn't deliver. 
The desserts were a bit on the heavy side compared to last year's more delicate and refined flavours. 

2009's Sugar Hit @ Azuma Kushiyaki
Belgian Chocolate Mousse ; Vanilla Cheesecake ; Green Tea Roll Cake w/ Chestnuts ;
Mochi w/ Kinako, Vanilla Ice Cream and Brown Sugar Syrup ; Nori Langue de Chat

The previous year's Sugar Hit had much more impact in terms of flavour combinations and creativity, which is why it was the most popular Sugar Hit last year. It was so popular that they actually extended the offer into November.

Anyway, back to this year's sweets :

Vanilla Pannacotta w/ Strawberry Coulis
Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake w/ Raspberry Centre & Freeze Dried Raspberry Flakes

The vanilla pannacotta was delicious, delicate yet creamy topped with not too sweet strawberry coulis.
The chocolate mousse was equally good, the mousse has a tight crumb texture and had a lovely dark chocolate flavour. At the base of the cup you'll find a chunk of sponge cake and the freeze dried raspberry was refreshing.

Premium Matcha Ganache Tart ; Almond Financier ;
Orange >_< Macaron ; Wasabi Ganache Tart

The tart bases were unfortunately quite thick and dense not as buttery and crumbly as it should be. The matcha ganache filling was good as it was not too sweet, although it was pasty and gummy.
The wasabi ganache tart was very odd......all of us but one just couldn't eat more than a bite or two of it. The taste of the wasabi was so strong that it just ruined the whole tart, and this is coming from someone who loves wasabi and wasabi Kit Kat.
My friend who had the cognac as her drink commented that the combination of wasabi ganache tart and the cognac is like a battle of the flavours in the mouth - it just doesn't work at all.
I got an orange macaron who looked like it needed a chin implant since I accidentaly crushed it while transferring it back from the "photoshoot" below into the box *oopsie*

Emoticons Macarons

The macarons were surprisingly small, no bigger than a 50cents coin. Nonetheless, they are super kawaii >o<
First time ever I couldn't finish my desserts *the shock and horror !* 
Left the one bite off wasabi ganache tart and half of the pannacotta, the later is because I started to feel sugar overdosed.
So what do I have to fix the OD ?

Bukkake Udon w/ Yamato Imo & Zansai

Mappen at 10.00pm is good.....mmmmm....

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  1. I really liked the matcha ganache tart :D

    I found the wasabi chocolate tart to be quite weird too, and it gets more and more spicy as you reach the middle lol

  2. hi fluffy : lucky i didn't get to the centre of the wasabi then, otherwise i will collapse there and then lol

  3. monica baby!!!<3 u crazy SIFF woman!
    lol u did the same as me cept in reverse order! i did mappen, azuma then bacco. u did bacco, azuma then mappen lol!!
    i lost count on the number of SIFF events and sugar hits u went to!

  4. ck ck ck on the mappen at 10pm part :p hehehheheh

  5. Sugarpuffi : at least I didn't do all 3 in 1 night LOL I know, next month no more desserts !!

    Nenny : we haven't had dinner lah, ahahahaha, super hungry

  6. i didnt like the wasabi ganache tart either

  7. Oh, and i love your food blog.. pics are really good!

  8. hi anonymous (whoever you are :) : thanks for the lovely comment, and yeah wasabi choc ganache is a no no