Friday, 22 October 2010

Dinner at Eva's House - Randers, Denmark

The House Mansion

(This is a backdated post from my trip to Denmark in Sep 2010, sorry for the confusion :P)
Dinner for day 1 after the meeting was at Eva's house, not in Århus, but in Randers, another small town about 45minutes drive from Århus.
Once again Eva and her family has invited all of us for dinner at their home. 
Her house is more like a mansion, I believe it was built in the 1920's and she has just moved in here about 5 years ago.
People in Denmark do the renovation on their own, so the house is still in many stages of renovation. They really put their heart and energy into building their dream home :)

Outdoor thermometer ; Lantern in the back verandah ; View of the house from the garden ; Rose buds

First thing first, a quick tour around the huge backyard with huge trees, swimming pool, etc...felt like those french palaces garden, but a mini version.
There has been few changes made to the garden as well since I was here last year.

Decor ; Bruschetta ; Chicken gourd from Brazil ; Table top decorations

We then went back into the house and were served some warm Tomato, Basil & Cheese Bruschetta, simple but delicious as they were made fresh. 
One of my colleague from Brazil gave Eva the chicken figurine that is actually a gourd ! Too cute !!
It was so perfect that it's hard to believe it was hand painted. 

Eva seems to have a thing for birds :) There are birds everywhere in random spots around the house, strategically placed so they looked like they belong there.
Compared to her nicely decorated house, my house looked like a storage room LOL
Really, her house looked more like a display house, like Freedom or IKEA *sigh, so jealous*
Simplicity is the key (that would be impossible for a hoarder like me ahahahahah).

Little birdies in a glass dome ; On the chandelier ; Antique clock ; Crown in a glass dome

Dining Table ; Collector's Dessert Spoons

And then it's finally time to sit down and enjoy a 3 course dinner that Eva and her husband has prepared for us. 
Those dessert spoons are very special, these spoons are made once a year hence each spoon has its own unique design representing the year it was made. 
They were handed down from many generations before, some dated to the early 1900's, amazing !
You might wonder why they are arranged such a way, in a circle ?
Well, while we were waiting for our dessert, the others started giving their spoon to me , "Take photos of them" they said LOL
I think they have to a unanimous conclusion that I have to take photos of every single thing, can't get more accurate than that hahahahahaa!

Red & White Wine 

Pumpkin Soup ; Warm Bread

For entree, we had a very creamy and hearty pumpkin soup topped with warm toasted pumpkin seed. The recipe is from Martha Stewart I was told :) 
On the side of course we have to some bread to polish off the soup from the bowl.
Delicious !

Veal Roast

A simple roast with sides for main, the veal was very tender and served with....(oh god...I can't remember anymore, argh >__<)...I think it was pear sauce. If I'm right that it was pear sauce, then the pear was from the pear tree that is growing on the wall. Homegrown pear :)

On the sides we have a very crisp and fresh shredded cabbage & french beans salad lightly dressed with olive oil, and also some red wine vinegar eschalots. They compliments the veal very nicely. I had 2 servings of the main :P

Mixed Fresh Berries ; Crème Brûlèe

Look at how fresh those berries were !! Fresh & juicy mulberries, raspberries, bluberries and perfectly shaped strawberries. 
These berries doesn't need anything else to go with them, of course a side of crème brûlèe doesn't hurt.

Coffee & Kookosmakroonid

To end the lovely dinner, we were served coffee & tea plus a bowl of kookosmakroonid aka Danish Coconut Macaroons.

A big thanks to Eva and her lovely family for opening up their house to all of us and even cooked for us an amazing 3 course dinner :) Thank you....

We left at about 10pm...and I was struggling to stay awake on the way home.....actually was falling asleep during dinner too LOL 
I think when we were having the dinner, it was about 1am Sydney time, so it was kind of expected hehehehehe.


  1. it looks very nice..=)..
    i love europe..lucky u get to go now!!

    hv fun!!!


  2. dorothy : i'm not there at the moment lol that was from when I was there last month, i'm so late on my posting, got distracted by the SIFF this month lol

  3. that explains why this post in Europe n the next is balmain..lolz
    wish i could eat out during siff but im doing some hardcore diet atm..sigh..
    going to monkey magic next friday for my boyfd's bday..=)..
    well as i always said..we should meet up maybe after my diet..


  4. dorothy : lol now I've put a clarification on the beginning of the post. hope you enjoy monkey magic ! and yeah, just drop me a line when you are ready to eat out heheheh good luck with the diet !!