Sunday, 10 October 2010

SIFF 2010 Let's Do Brunch - Hyde Park Barracks Cafe, Sydney CBD

Since I didn't win the tickets to the Breakfast on The Bridge, I booked myself and a group of friends in for Let's Do Brunch at Hyde Park Barracks Cafe ( is that a good enough excuse, not winning the tickets ? LOL).

When I rang early in the week to make a booking, the only seating time available was at 9 AM , so it's more like Let's Do Breakfast instead of brunch really :P
Beggars can't be choosers, I did leave it to the last minute to arrange for this brunch, was not planning to do more than one brunch event this SIFF hehehe...

S & P Grinders ; Flower Vase ; Water Jugs ; Cute sugar sticks holder.

To be honest, I never noticed that there is a cafe on the Hyde Park Barracks ground. I thought there was only a museum behind the gates.
The event was titled "Brunch In The Sun" which is not always possible when spring in Sydney these days is nothing but rain and more rain. It was pouring early in the morning and when we got there the rain has just subsided and the sun was peeking over the clouds. 
Since they are not able to set the outdoor tables before the first seating customers arrive, hence we were all seated inside the cafe.

Interior & Coffees

The waiter explained what will be served for the 3 course brunch breakfast banquet. Drinks are not included in the deal, so you will need to pay extra for your coffees, teas, juices. If you are feel the need for some booze in the morning for $5.00 you can get a glass of sparkling wine with or without orange juice mixed in. 
The need for caffeine was stronger than for alcohol, so we had to pass on the sparklies deal :)
Not too long after the coffees had arrived, the 1st course was served.

Homemade Granola, Vanilla Yoghurt, Poached Fruits

Something healthy and high in fibre to start up the day. The homemade granola was a mix of crunchy oat clusters, coconut, dried tropical fruits, cashews and hazelnuts. The poached fruits were a slice of pear and a cube of rhubarb, just one cube each...LOL
The granola was actually quite nice, except that there wasn't enough yoghurt in the bowl so it was very dry. Half way thru the big bowl we were just chewing on dry granola mix, we could have asked for more yoghurt but none of us are cereal eaters, so we just left it be.

Eggs 3 Ways

The second course wash off all the disappointment we had on the first course - look at them three !
No more dilemma on what to get for brunch, "should I go for egg benedict or omelette or a baked egg tartlet ?" get all three ! \^o^/
This is perfect for the indecisive egg lovers out there :)

Ham & Egg Benedict

The ham & egg benedict was served on a warm English muffin and a benedict is not complete without the oh so delicious but not so healthy hollandaise sauce. 
The egg yolk was a tad too runny for my liking, but other than that it was a delicious egg benedict.

Feta, Spinach & Mushroom Omelette

Served on a ciabatta bread and topped with what looked like a drizzle of browned butter ? Though the fillings of wilted spinach, sauteed mushroom and crumbled feta were nice, it was just missing something.....something that I just can't pin point...hmmmm......
Anyways...moving on to the last egg dish :)

Egg, Chorizo & Roasted Tomato Tart

This would have to be my favourite out of the 3 ! The pastry was thin and crispy, delicious !
Though some might find the egg to be overbaked, I found it to be just fine. The yolk might be well baked but the whites were still a bit soft on the top part. There was just right balance of flavours in this tart, the spicy chorizo, sweet & tart roasted tomato and the savoury pastry shell. Loved it :)
Glad that I saved this egg dish last....

We were so stuffed after the 2nd course, but wait...there's more to come....

Raspberry Waffles w/ White Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla Gelato & Berry Coulis

To our relieve, the last course was served as a shared dish *phew* We wouldn't be able to finish one serve each at this point.
I know...dessert for breakfast ?!??!  If you asked me, anytime is dessert time, early in the morning or midnight, bring it on !!

The raspberry waffles was freshly made, crispy on the outside but soft and slightly doughy on the inside. The vanilla gelato was very nice, smooth with a nice vanilla flavour. The waffle was a tad too sweet, but easily balanced by the berry coulis. The white chocolate sauce was lost on the plate, wouldn't have realized it was there if not for the milky drizzle on the plate.

Another brunch deal in SIFF that is of great value - 3 course for $25 (foods only). The portions were very generous as you'd have seen, all of us actually skipped lunch today because we were still full until dinner time.
Despite the place being packed and very busy, the service remains friendly and attentive. We never had to ask for our glasses of water to be refilled, someone would come over promptly when our glass is half empty.
I was very impressed :)
It is a lovely cafe right in the middle of the city just across from Hyde Park, it is quite secluded from the main street so you can't hear the traffic noise. Shall return one weekend to try out their regular menu.

"Brunch in The Sun" is available every Sat & Sun in October, 9am - 2.30pm.
$25 for 3 course brunch, beverages are extra. 
$30 for 3 course brunch + glass of sparkling wine with or without orange juice.
Booking is necessary. 

Hyde Park Barracks Museum ; Cafe Exterior, love the living wall :)

And while you are there, have a look a the statue of Prince Albert & Queen Victoria being dressed up as part of Art & About 2010's Sydney Statue : Projects !
No offense to the artists...but these two statues looked as if they are going out for a hens night....fluoro tulle veil and colourful dresses like that....

Prince Albert & Queen Victoria - going somewhere ?

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  1. The eggs 3 ways looks so yum! What a great way to try a bit of everything.

  2. wow...looks great!!!and valuable too!!
    definitely shall go for try it!!!

  3. missklicious : and they are yummy ^_^

    jeszzz : you should try it, make a booking asap ! hehehehe