Monday, 4 October 2010

SIFF 2010 Sugar Hit - Bel Mondo, The Rocks

The first of many Sugar Hits this year is at Bel Mondo, a Mod-Oz / Italian / Mediterranean located at The Rocks' Gloucester Walk.
My fellow sugar hitters was fashionably late for 20minutes, while waiting for them outside in the dark and cold, a group of The Rocks Ghost Tour passed by. 
The thought of just joining the tour came across, might as well be in a group of ghost hunters rather than bumping into one all alone right ? 

It was getting spookier waiting all alone outside at 9.20pm, so I went inside and bumped into a friend with her hubby having their Sugar Hits as well.
They did mention they are coming here as well the same night as us, I totally forgot about that ! *DOH!*

The Sugar Hit is served as the bar, as you come in, just let the bartender know that you are there for Sugar Hits and he will sit you somewhere around the bar lounge area. Which turns out to be a tad uncomfortable as the table were lower than the chairs so we have to rest the plate on our laps to eat it. Not so easy when it's a plated dessert.

Brown Brothers "Sticky" Dessert Wine ; Hot Chocolate

As with any Sugar Hits events, you get a glass of Brown Brother's dessert wine with your plate of dessert. I cannot recall what was the actual name of the wine, but I kept hearing "sticky" at every mention of the wine.

It was quite funny when I told the bartender that I'd like a hot chocolate instead of the wine, he didn't want to give it to me straight away LOL.
He insisted that I gave the wine a try first so I was given a glass with a little bit of wine to taste. The wine itself was quite pleasant, sweet and has clean palate, the problem is I'm allergic hahahahaha.
After I told him that, he gave in and said will make a hot chocolate for me with "something special" - oh dear.... -__-;

If you want to see what was the "something special" that the cheeky bartender whipped up for me, click here - some might find it offensive, so proceed at your own risk ^_^

Medjool Date, Poached Pear, Hazelnut Praline Ice cream, Spiced French Toast w/ Butterscotch Sauce

The medjool date was presented as a rectangular sticky paste and formed the base of the other 3 components. The poached pear was nicely done, but the best part would be the french toast & the ice cream. The french toast is made out of a square of buttery brioche, pan fried until till crispy on the outside. I personally would have liked it better if I just had the ice cream and french toast as I was never fond of dates :P Except sticky date puddings where I can't pick or left them out I suppose.
I gave my strip of dates for my friend to polish off :)

This Sugar Hit outing turned out to be a night of fun and laughter, thanks to the cheeky bartender !
He was buzzing around like a busy bee , attentive but made sarcastic but funny remarks now and then. 
Whatever he is having, we want it too ! LOL

All of Sugar Hits for the SIFF 2010 cost $20, which include the dessert and a glass of Brown Brothers Dessert wine ( can be substituted for non-alcoholic drinks ).
Click HERE for a list of restaurants participating in the Sugar Hits events this year.

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  1. LOL the horror on my face when he set it down on the table LOL

  2. Haha, now that's latte art! Thanks for the preview of the Sugar Hit here as well - husband and I are still thinking of places to get to =)

  3. LOL!!! kinkyyyyyyy
    he mustve liked u..alot :p

  4. mademoiselle delicieuse : it is art alright, perhaps not G rated art hahahah ! Hope you find one sugar hit that you'll love :)

    sugarpuffi : ROFL !! I don't think so ahahahha! You should see my friends, they were looking at me, waiting to see where am I going to take the first sip from 0_o;

  5. He offered me something 'special' in my orange juice as well. He is quite cheeky.