Saturday, 16 October 2010

SIFF 2010 Sugar Hit - Bacco Chifley Plaza, Sydney CBD

Bacco Sugar Hit

After dinner at Bilson's, me and my friend agreed that we can still fit another round of sugar hit :)
Bacco's Sugar Hit has been on my list since I saw Sugarpuffi's post on it and it was only a short stroll to the Chifley Plaza.

We didn't have a reservation since it was unplanned, but it was not an issue and we were seated straight away. 
I didn't have a chance to request a substitute for the dessert wine as the next time the waiter returned he placed 2 glasses of Brown Brother's Orange Muscat & Flora on the table. 
So me and my friend who can't drink alcohol had no choice but to just have a sip of it. 
Luckily we just had our coffee & tea right at Bilson's.

Chocolate Tasting Plate

The tasting plate consist of 3 different chocolate desserts , a tart, a gateaux and a macaron.

Glacé Apricot & Milk Chocolate Ganache Tart ; Berry Chocolate Fudge ; Gianduja Macaron

The berry chocolate fudge gateaux tasted a bit stale and it was very dry, very dissapointing. 
The gianduja macaron was good, crisp and chewy with a delicious gianduja ganache.
The tart....well.....


Excuse me...but what happened to half of the tart ??  To add to it, it was poorly disguised with some mint !
It would be nice if they explained why are we being served only half of the tart rather than just leaving the platter on the table for us to discover ourselves. 
The pastry was a bit hard as well, we couldn't cut through it. The milk chocolate ganache was nice, not to sweet and worked well with the apricot, though I found it too gelled.

I'm sorry to say but out of all the Sugar Hits that I've been to this year, this had to be the most disappointing one. 
Which was a surprise since I've always liked Bacco's cakes, tarts, I don't know what happened.
The service was pretty much non existent as well that night, very different to the others where the service was great.
I end up canceling the high tea reservation I had for the end of the week as I am not risking wasting  $45 if it is going to be as inconsistent as their sugar hit.

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  1. What the...? I definitely would've asked for an explanation about that tart. That is not worth $20. How disappointing for you :(

  2. hi karen : it was indeed a "what the ?!?" moment for me too, not to mention I can't drink the wine as well ! Was seated outside so getting their attention was hard enough, and was still full from dinner, otherwise I would have complaint :P

  3. Aww it's such a shame that your experience in Bacco wasn't good considering the quality of their dessert. But you've been to heaps of siff events this year, how awesome! Keep it up :P

  4. hi fluffy : lol my tummy may not agree that it was awesome ! I've only got one more to go this month, and that is it I think :)

  5. awh...too bad the experience didn't wow you...i hate it when it happens too :(

  6. hi rita : it's annoying when that happens isn't it...raahhh

  7. Ja : exactly ! otherwise I'll hunt you down for explanation lol

  8. blah! ive been MIA in the bloggerverse lately!

    the bacco sugar hit was a sad sad plate for u! :( also missing the orange slice D:

    shame on ur experience! mine was better with a nice tart but still an equally fail fudge

  9. sugarpuffi : where have you been ?! you haven't been tweeting much either lately. I know...sad isn't it *sob*