Friday, 8 October 2010

SIFF 2010 Sugar Hit - Shangri-La Hotel Lobby Lounge, The Rocks

Lobby Lounge @ Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Time for another Sugar Hit after 48hours of detox !! Original plan was to hit both Guylian & Shangri-La one after another on Monday night, but the later had to be rescheduled as the event was not offered on public holiday.
Aren't we glad it got re-scheduled *phewww*

Drinks to choose from
Hennessy V.S Cognac ; Brown Brothers Cienna

Non - Alcoholic
Skim Cappuccino & Green Tea

We were served a bowl of mixed nuts & rice crackers to snack on with our drinks while we wait for our desserts, which was good because the desserts took more than half hour to arrive ! 
A tad long, but quite understandable as the lounge was packed for the Sugar Hits, and there were 2 big groups of 10 when we were there. It appears that there was only one pastry chef that was preparing all the desserts, I feel for her...imagine the pressure...

But...the dessert was worth the wait....voila !! \^o^/

Black Forest Cocktail

A dessert cocktail, of course served in a martini glass complete with a paper umbrella decoration ROFL ! A gold umbrella at that, how lavish....
Now this has become my favourite of the Sugar Hits so far.

Deconstructing In Progress

It was too pretty that we didn't want to destroy it, actually...we don't know where to start hahahahaha !
First up was the chocolate "legs" followed by the delicious Chocolate Bon Bon...mmmm...
Underneath the bonbon was the cherries macerated in Kirsch on top of chocolate cream. The net of chocolate ring encasing them was pretty, and hard to break too, had to do a few hard rap to crack it hehehehe.
Then you reach the disc of chocolate ( another few hard rap was required here) and underneath it is a layer of of cocoa sponge soaked in syrup. Last but not least, the final layer, a soft and creamy vanilla pannacotta.

Loved it !! So many different flavours and textures in the one glass. It may look very decadent but it was surprisingly easy to eat and didn't leave us feeling sugar overdosed by the end of it.
Another one for the chocaholics I'd say :)

Oh, and why not have some fun with the gold paper brollies ^_^
Here are some ideas that we came up with that night....

Pretty beside your BlackBerry ; Pretty on your hair (pixelated for privacy reason LOL) ; Pretty in a vase

It appears that this Sugar Hit at Shangri-La is one of the more popular one, so make sure you make a reservation ahead of time.

Lobby Lounge
Shangri-La Hotel
176 Cumberland Street
(02) 9250 6123


  1. What a cute creation! lol @ the uses for the umbrella

  2. Those are gorgeous desserts!

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

    SSG xxx

  3. missklicious : fancy isn't it ? lol

    SSG : always a pleasure, share the sweets I say ! lol

  4. how wonderful, everyone's having the sugar hit.. and they all look wonderful... with a glass of cognac!

  5. thang : yep, everyone will be on sugar high this month lol

  6. i've...lost count on the number of sugar hits you've went to.

    that is some posh looking dessert! i might go to this one for my next sugar hit :D

  7. sugarpuffi : I think my tummy has lost track of what has gone in too...ROFL ! I think this year I've had so much more sugar hits than previous years...sugar OD soon...

  8. Excellent, this is where I'm going to this Friday! And I look forward to the paper umbrella - kitschy but something I miss from even kids' drinks in the 80s =)

  9. mademoiselle : it is kinda retro isn't it hehehe :P if they didn't ring you back to confirm, make sure you ring them, last time they didn't had our booking down, lucky we rang them to double check :)

  10. gahhhh so this is what i missed out on >< must go soon! looks very cute & kitsch :)

  11. hi vivian : you want the gold umbrella too isn't it ? :D

  12. so from all the sugar hits which has been your favourite?

  13. charisma : so far, I think this one is my favourite, runner up is the one at Guylian :)